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Pilot Snoopy - Red Baron Figure

Free 3D printer files Pilot Snoopy - Red Baron Figure, caddguy6

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Make's Description

Only a couple months into 3D printing but had to have Snoopy and his Dog House. Two separate prints, did Snoopy first, took about 4 hours. From the downloaded files Snoopy was scaled down to 50% of original. He came out great on the first try but took forever to clean the supports off. His Dog House was a tough one, for me anyway, the first try was a fail about 6 hours in. It was scaled by 50% also but what was printed before I stopped it was way too big, scale wise, to have used. I wound up scaling it down to 85% and it looked correct but this time I rotated the model 90deg so the front pointed straight up. This printed pretty nice and the size relation with Snoopy looks good. I used Cura 4.0.0 with the imbedded printer file for the Ender 3. The Dog House took about 9 hours. The photo shows a quick cleanup of supports, once cleaned up better I'll just use hobby paints to bring Snoopy and Home to life.

3D Printer

Ender 3 Pro


HatchBox PLA
  • Raft: No
  • Resolution: 0.15 mm
  • Temperature: 200 °C
  • Support: Yes
  • Infill: 10 %
  • Speed: 50 mm/s

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