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Moai Lava Lamp

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3D Model

Make's Description

This is a Moai Lava Lamp.
Yo can print it without supports.
Then put some tape on the lines and then paint it all over. Remove the tape and put some RGB light inside. It will blow your mind!

Print parameters.
0.2 / 0.24 layer its fine for a 0.4mm nozzle.
I recomend use a 0.6/0.8/1mm nozzle to speed up things.
I used a 1mm nozzle in a Anet E12. 35cm height
You can use some rafts, just in case.
I also use the cura option "forro difuso" (in spanish). It will give a real stone look!!!
Tree files.
Hollow - 2mm wall thickness.
Hollow no base - 2mm wall thickness.

I´m using the Cura option "forro difuso" (In Spanish) to give the surface a stone imitation.
The figure has a 2mm wall thickness, and the other one is solid.
Currently printing with a 1mm nozzle - 11 hours approx
Then i'll paint with rustoleum simil stone.
No other post-printing.
No supports.
Do not print in ABS.. bad experiencie! (is winter here jaja)

If you liked this model please let me know! And if you can buy me a coffee I'll be very very thankful.
Happy printing!

3D Printer

aner e12
  • Raft: Yes
  • Resolution: 0.2 mm
  • Temperature: 215 °C
  • Support: No
  • Infill: 100 %
  • Speed: 80 mm/s

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