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Lucius Wardog Titan

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Edit: 10 new pictures of the finished Titan. Enjoy :)
So where do I start...As you may see from the pictures, I have printed two of these wardogs. The smaller one was basicly a beginner mistake, since this project was one of my first prints on the elegoo mars pro. While learning how to print (and yes, this was a monster project for a beginner, but this way I learned a lot in a short time), I decided to nearly finish the first, not scaled wardog. Mainly for not having a few parts of a small titan, but also to share my experience with this peticular print. Many are asking if the original stl's are in scale, and cleary they are not. The second bigger one is at 120%. This fits the original mega bolter size (do not scale this weapon up!) and it seems to be very accurate. Using a rhino tank as a referrence. A few comments were about some missing parts, these are the pistons between the leg joints. I simply took the foot joint piston and scaled it accordingly. These are mandatory to ensure a safe stance. The smaller one is still missing a toe, because the print failed...the large one is not yet glued together because I like to paint every small detail. Thus shin armor is detachable for now too. Now for the printing itself. Slicing was very satisfying, but only if the print succeded. The longest prints were round about 17 hours. I didn't record for how long all took, but I guess that I investet around 50 hours on working on it, stretched over a 1,5 month time frame. The big boy took around 2,5 bottles of elegoo grey resin. Partially because many parts are hollowed. This helps to reduce weight, but most importantly it improves the print quality imense. Probs to the creator. I am so glad that such a highly detailed model is around...Printing one out makes it very involving and lets you really bond with the machine spirit. Already plaing with the idea to print a second one... :) Hope I could help! And please support the creator if possible, he more than deserves it!

  • Resolution: 0.03 mm
  • Speed: 28 mm/s

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Hi Gomithurself! Yes, I decided to print it like that, because the original sized bolter stl had a larger socket that the balljoints size. I simly upscaled the rest of the titan so fit to the bolter stl. In hindsight, just upscale everything to about 120%, even the bolter. ;)
Somehow the reply function doesn't work yet :(

Hey mate!

About to print this model, read your post. In the first pic, the bolter looks smaller on the smaller one and bigger on the bigger one but you said to not upscale it? Thanks

Retry, if success, see message above :)

Glad it worked!

thank you for telling me i can mirror the side worked perfect.

And always factor in the size of the printed surface. Place supports accordingly!

Thank you so much for help

The shoulders were cut in two pieces. You can see the seamline about a cm in front of the void shields. This was partly because I wanted a better print and because, and yes it was angled, to improve print quality. Furthermore they are hollow, to reduce weight and improve print quality.Prints get the best result at a maximum angle of around 35 degree to the print plate.

Did you print larger elements at an angle or horizontally? I mean those L-shaped pieces