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Laser Gun from Rick and Morty cartoon

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"Llaser Gun from Rick and Morty cartoon 3D print model
Rick's laser gun (sometimes referred to as ray gun or laser pistol), is a fictional firearm owned and commonly in the possession of Rick Sanchez. It is a magazine fed, semi-automatic/channeled, directed-energy weapon presumably of Rick's own design. For the first two seasons it is Rick's main weapon of choice against most humanoid threats.
The model is designed to add LEDs inside: 3x3 3v LEDs and 9v battery."

3D Printer

Black Widow


  • Raft: No
  • Resolution: 0.2 mm
  • Temperature: 200 ℃
  • Support: Yes
  • Infill: 20 %
  • Speed: 50 mm/s

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