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Interchangeable Shower Soap Dish System

3D Model

Make's Description

Fits a 25mm shower riser tube.
Shower riser tube to wall clearance needs to be at least 25mm. 30mm recommended.

Sliced in Simplify3D


The ASA tray print settings are -
Layers: 0.12mm, 8 top, 4 bottom, 3 shells
Infill: 70% Full Honeycomb
Support: None
Print Temperature: 230°C
Bed Temperature: 90°C
Cooling: None
Speed: 35mm/s

ABS dishes -
Layers: 0.14mm, 6 top, 4 bottom, 2 shells
Infill: 50% Full Honeycomb
Support: Yes. 35%, extra inflation 0.6mm, resolution 1mm, 45°, 2 dense layers at 90%
Print Temperature: 235°C
Bed Temperature: 90°C
Cooling: None
Speed: 45mm/s


Acetone-smoothing: I acetone-smoothed/polished to improve water-tightness/resistance and improve the general appearance.

The method I used is documented here -

  • Raft: No
  • Resolution: 0.12 mm
  • Temperature: 230 °C
  • Support: No
  • Infill: 70 %
  • Speed: 35 mm/s

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