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Printed as an addon modification to my Tales From The Crypt pinball machine. It took a few attempts to get a good print, especially the mouth. Used mesh mixer to generate tree supports for teeth, cheek bones and ears to ensure good quality, Then used rectilinear supports in prusa slicer to keep those tree supports solid.

a spherical void was created inside the head, and tubular channels leading to the eyes and mouth were made leading back to the central cavity. a 5mm hole was created at the back of the head to accommodate a tri color LED. The eye holes were plugged with light pipes created from placing a length of clear PETG filament in the eye holes and melting the end flat to fill the diameter of the hole. A small rectangular block was added to the neck area to give something to attach screws to.

model was air brushed with several shades of tan, brown and black. Teeth and eyes were hand painted.

Printed at 100% infill to give some heft and some strength for screws.

  • Resolution: 0.1 mm
  • Infill: 100 %

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