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Ender 3, 3 V2, 3 pro, 3 max, dual 40mm axial fan hot end duct / fang. CR-10, Micro Swiss direct drive and bowden compatible. No support needed for printing

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3D Model

Make’s description

printed without support the Briss fang Ender 3pro V4.4
the "Ender 3 fang v4 separate BL touch mount" printed with support.
did not fit perfectly, had some modification with a scraping tool and made the fit.
printed holder pin for 4020 fan 8 times to fit the noctua fans.
overal very nice design and great upgrade.

3D Printer

ender 3 pro


PLA black
  • Resolution: 0.2 mm
  • Temperature: 210 ℃
  • Infill: 15 %
  • Speed: 80 mm/s

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