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VOSKHOD 2 mission 3KD exit Aleksei LEONOV

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3D Model

Make's Description

Nicely detailed and well engineered model. This makes a very nice model of the Voshkod 2 spacecraft and upper stage of the Soyuz launch vehicle.

Also makes a nice optional addition to the Soyuz FG ( which I printed awhile back or the Vostok Gagarin model (

I highly recommend this model and the either of the Soyuz FG or Vostok Gagarin if you are interested in the early history of manned spaceflight. Both are excellently engineered and extremely well detailed.

Now I just need to find out where I can watch the movie "Spacewalker" which is the story of the Voshkod 2 mission.

  • Resolution: 0.2 mm
  • Temperature: 215 °C
  • Infill: 20 %
  • Speed: 50 mm/s

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