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Free 3D printer files AIRMAN from MEGAMAN2, shorwarth

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3D Model

Make's Description

I had the opportunity to print this model, and I couldn't be happier on how it turned out! I like the simple designs of the model, but it captures the character perfectly.

Printer and Settings:

Anycubic Photon
w/ newest anti alias firmware

Chitubox v1.4
.05 MM layers
8 base layers
80sec base layer exposure
8 second layer exposure
6.5 second off time / lift time
8 set on Anti Alias

tilted 45 degrees back to allow the front to keep the cross section low and manually added heavy supports on the areas that needed support.

  • Raft: Yes
  • Resolution: 0.05 mm
  • Support: Yes
  • Infill: 100 %

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