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Volumic 3D Printers

Volumic 3D Printers



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3D printers Stream 20 (Pro & Dual) and Stream 30 (Pro & Dual) have been designed to be easy to use. They are very robust with their chassis made entirely from aircraft grade aluminum. Regarding the specifications, 3D printers Stream 20 and 30 have nothing to envy to their competitors and position themselves on top of the table by their print accuracy, cost competitive and diversity of accepted materials. The application areas are very broad: rapid prototyping, decorative items, games and toys, costume jewelry, models, mechanical parts, replacement parts, etc.

Volumic brand is settled on the French Riviera to offer a 100% French product of high quality.


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French manufacturer of 3D printers: Volumic 3D offers a range of multi-material 3D printers - Join the 3D revolution