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Creality3D LD - 001 DLP Light Curing

Creality3D LD - 001 DLP Light Curing



Creality3D LD - 001 DLP from 580$ instead of 610$

On the strength of its enormous success with the general public with its FDM 3D printers, particularly its best-seller: the CR-10, and more recently with the Endre-3 at reduced volumes and prices, Creality 3D is tackling DLP machines. Creality3D LD 001 therefore prints with photosensitive resin polymerized by the light of a 2K LCD screen. Unlike 3D SLA Laser and FDM printers, this technology allows you to print the layers one by one at a time. This saves time, resolution and complexity for objects made without a support.

The 6 advantages highlighted by Creality 3D for the LD 001:

(1) Offline 3D printing
The LD 001 can print autonomously, completely offline. However, the user can control it remotely over the network or via the USB port and locally from the touch screen.
(2) Quick slicing
The simple and intuitive slicer is able to process a 20MB STL file in just 3 minutes.
(3) Optimized resin tank
The tank has been designed to simplify maintenance and save resin.
(4) Leveling the automatic tray
Simply press the tray against the screen and lock it with 4 screws.
(5) Easy and quick screen replacement
In case of problem with the LCD screen there is only one hatch to open and one tablecloth to disconnect to install a new one.
(6) High accuracy
The LCD 001 allows high resolution printing with an accuracy of between 20 and 50 microns on the Z axis.

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