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Dagoma Accessories Best Sellers

Dagoma Accessories Best Sellers

-10% on Dagoma Accessories Best Sellers


Take advantage of this 10% discount code for the purchase of a add-on 1 : ecran discoeasy200 and / or an add-on 2 : extrudeur+ and / or an add-on 3 : expert pack.

If the code disappears between the shopping cart and the checkout, just put it back on the checkout screen. Because there is a small bug at the moment on the Dagoma website. Apply the code on the checkout page if it doesn't work in the cart, the code is valid. Don't worry!

The control screen is the accessory that will allow you to go even further with the Dagoma printer. Its many options allow you to instantly change temperatures, print speed or fan speed.

The extruder+ is the second add-on available for the DiscoEasy200 after the screen. It will allow you to take advantage of automatic filament insertion/ejection, print with flexible filaments and manage the pause autonomously thanks to a new lateral pause button included in the add-on. Your print will also automatically stop if you reach the end of your reel.

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