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Tridea, Recycled Filaments

Tridea, Recycled Filaments

-10% on all filaments


Enjoy this awesome reduction of -10% for all Tridea recycled filaments available online. Copy paste the promo code Tridea10 during the checkout to get the discount. These are recycled filaments for 3D printers.

Tridea is a Brussels-based startup of “makers” working in the 3D printing domain, which has created the first 100% recycled PET filament in Europe.

Their filament is 100% recycled from post condensed PET pellets. It is more flexible and higher quality than the market equivalent. Recycled filament is more temperature resistant than other filaments. Higher levels of additives (like carbon/kevlar/wood) can be added without dramatic changes to its core properties.
Their is also a large choice of colors.

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Tridea is 100% recycled filament
Tridea’s mission is based on the premise that there is no such thing as waste.
Our ambition is to create value from Belgiums plastic waste, by transforming it into 3D filament to print products that can be recycled and sold again.
You can visit our website here