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FILAFLEX filaments

FILAFLEX filaments

-15% on all Filaflex filaments


Enjoy this -15% promo code FILAFLEXCULTS for the purchase of Filaflex TPU filaments the most famous flexible filaments.

Filaflex is one of the most well known flexible filaments on the market. Recreus founded in 2013 was the first company to develop a truly elastic filament Filaflex. The highest quality in our raw materials and additives and the most advanced quality control process, allow us to achieve tolerances under 0.025 in flexible filaments.
Now you can try our new grades of Filaflex and discover our new recreus extruder V3.

“Because be flexible matters…”


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RECREUS INDUSTRIES S.L. is a Spanish 3D filament manufacturing company. WE distribute our products with our own brand.
Changing the world through the most flexible filament for 3d printers, FilaFlex!!

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