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Open PnP

Open PnP

Discount of 5%


Enjoy this -5% promo code for the purchase of Open PnP accessories from the RobotDigg website.

From Shangai, RobotDigg are trying to supply 3Ders with accessories for 3D printers. The popular project named OpenPnP is made for the people who are trying to multi-function their 3D printers, to be pick and place machine, glue dispensing, CNC Laser, etc. You can find two Open PnP products that can have the discount: the Nema11 SMC Motor PnP Head ($309) and the Quadruple PnP Head for Open PnP Machine ($569). With the voucher code, you can save 15.45$ and 28.45$ from your purchase.

To get the promotion, you just have to place the order on the e-shop here or here, then contact by email the team at [email protected] and paste the promo code ROBOTCULTS in your message. After this notification, you will have the reduction from the RobotDigg team.