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Felix 3 Series 3D Printers

Felix 3 Series 3D Printers

-5% on the Felix 3 Series DIY Kit or Ready to Print


Enjoy this -5% promo code for the purchase of a Felix 3 Series 3D printer from the dutch brand Felix Printers.

The FELIX 3.1 Series is the latest version. It comes with improved stiffness of the extruder frame, easy calibration for hot-ends dual head, one-time print bed calibration and a one-year license for FELIXbuilder 3D print software. It is available ready to use, but also in a DIY kit to assemble yourself.

To buy one of these amazing 3D printers with -5% on the buying price, copy the promotion promo code and visit the Felix Printers website!


FELIXprinters is all about thinking ahead. It is about seeing possibilities, about making the best out of every situation and to benefit from the latest technology in the area of 3D printing.