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Single Central Magnet Motor Actuator Generator (SCM MAG)

3D model description

3D printed SCM MAG can be used as a motor, actuator or generator. The design feature is the use of a single magnet in the rotor and two coils around the rotor.

A principle of operation.
The operation of the device is based on the interaction of the conductor with the current and the permanent magnet inside the coil.
When the voltage is applied to the coil, the magnet rotates 90 degrees.
When you turn on the second coil, the magnet rotates another 90 degrees.
The rotor contains a central magnet and shaft. The stator consists of two coils at an angle of 90 degrees to each other.
SCM MAG consists of several 3D printed parts and a magnet, bearings, shaft, and two coils.

For use as a motor, I recommend increasing the diameter of the wire in the coils. The required diameter is chosen from the requirements of the traction force and temperature parameters. If high torque is planned, it will be better to make plastic parts from more refractory filament types. You can also calculate the current of the coils so that the operating temperature does not go beyond the melting limit of the ABS plastic.
The motor requires a feedback system along with the driver.
Motor power depends only on the current in the coils and the magnet parameters. The longer the magnet, the higher the traction characteristics.

For the actuator, the wire diameter requirements are the same as for the motor. But since the actuator is operating in the start-stop mode, the requirements for selecting the wire diameter are even higher. The wire diameter should be about 10-15 percent larger than for the motor.
By using the driver and the tracking system, we can get almost any turns or precise rotation of the shaft to the required angle.

I used AWG32 (0.2mm wire), 100 turns in each coil.
It makes sense to add some of the soft magnetic iron around the stator. This will change the path of the magnetic field and increase the efficiency of the generator as a whole. You can also make a modular generator where single generators are located around the circumference. All shafts are assembled with a central shaft through a belt or gears. This will result in a low RPM generator.

This device uses a neodymium magnet N38, height 30mm and diameter 10mm.
The magnet is chosen for the 4mm shaft, but another shaft diameter is possible.

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