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Rick & Morty's Blaster | Rick's Ray Gun | Laser Gun | Energy Gun

3D model description

Rick has his own ray guns or laser guns, that he most surely created himself. Rick's personal sidearm fires a red or green energy bolt that can either mutilate a target with bloody wounds or vaporize them. The gun can even cause a target to explode into gore, as it did when Rick killed Mr. Jellybean in "Meeseeks and Destroy"

Rick also had another model ray gun, with a much longer barrel, in his possession that fired blue bolts. He once used this weapon to kill a group of male Gazorpians that had captured Summer on Gazorpazorp.

The Council of Rick happens to use this second model ray gun as their personal sidearms.

He also has multiple energy hand guns and long guns, which his other selves and family have used.

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