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Micro C-130 Hercules RC model

3D model description

EDIT - 11.02.2019:

Improved prop blades and spinner.

Wingspan: 610 mm
Length: 433 mm
AUW: 100-115 g
CG: ~25mm from the leading edge of the wing center section.

For experienced users. It requires basic modeling skills to set up the control surfaces and build the plane. I have not flown the plane under power yet, but I have flown it freeflight with ballast and AUW 109 g. It flies well.

Print settings:

Mine were all printed on normal printers witnh normal PLA and 0,4 mm nozzles. You can print thinner than 0,4 mm perimeters just fine with a 0,4 mm nozzle.

Print most parts with one 0,25 mm perimeter and 0,12 mm layer height. Use two bottom layers and four top layers for most parts. Add top layers as necessary to fill the top.

Print Fuselage02 with 0 top layers. Fuselage01 will go into the open end of Fuselage02.

Cut away the bottom layers after printing to lighten the model, as shown in the photo of the backside of the green part Fuselage01. as a reference, Fuselage01 should weigh ~6,5 g off the printer and ~5,5 g after trimming down the rear face. I use scissors like these to cut around the inside:

Hinge elevators with Blenderm on the top surface.
Hinge ailerons with Blenderm on the bottom surface.
Hinge the rudder with tiny pieces of CA hinge.
Use 0,8 mm piano wire to connect the elevators together.
Use 0,8 mm piano wire to greate a torque link to the rudder.
Use 0,8 mm piano wire to create torque links to the ailerons in the slots in the bottom of the wing.

Required hardware:
1 mm carbon rods
2 mm carbon rods
3 mm carbon rods
0,8 mm piano wire
CA glue
CA hinge
Blenderm hinge tape

Can be used with 8,5 mm coreless motors or tiny outrunners.

Suggested electronics:
Receiver and rudder/elevator servo:
Aileron servo:

  • 3D model format: STL



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I would like to know how you how you wired the brushless motors to the receiver that is setup for brushed? Been in the hobby of building and flying rc for about 40 years just a little new for electric. Been doing them for 2 years. My e-mail is so any help would be nice. Thanks Paul