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For this contest to highlight the design and realization of 3D object following the Additive Manufacturing technology, I chose to illustrate my point by making a model of the machine HP MultiJet Fusion at the heart of this contest.

Additive manufacturing offers a new way to design parts and must impose this new philosophy to open the field of possibilities in terms of creation, design and not be confined to pure mechanical design that is often based on technologies traditional implementation: indeed, when designing a piece, we often think about the way we will manufacture it: machining, plastic injection, etc ... by integrating the constraints of technology (strawberry radius, material thickness, number of pieces to assemble because not possible in 1 piece, etc ...)

Additive manufacturing, even if it also has constraints, literally upsets the way of thinking.

For this demonstration, I made a model of an HP MULTIJET FUSION printer.

The 3D file shows the part as it was printed, that is to say in only one component already assembled.

The lid of the machine opens via a non-removable hinge (the components are printed at the same time).

On the cover is what represents the print head of the machine and here too, I wanted to move this piece that slides in the cover to simulate the impression of the room.

The trolley containing the material and the printed parts called "Build Unit" can also leave the machine and rolls on 4 functional wheels mounted on axes: the wheels turn and are unmountable.

inside the Build Unit is a platform that goes up and down with a locking clip in the up position. Once in this position, we see appear what represents a piece produced in 3D printing (A sphere pierced with holes in which is an HP logo). The sphere turns on itself and the logo remains fixed inside.

This set shows the ability of 3D printing to make a complex object with movements and done in one step without assembly.

A last point that I wanted to highlight is the realization of component "lightened" in terms of material while maintaining mechanical properties. This is what allows us to make lattices. The frame of the machine is made in this way: it is a normally very massive piece in which I created a network of "mesh" bringing rigidity versus a hollow part while lightening the piece in terms of material consumption .

The challenge also concerns the size of this model since all the elements and functions mentioned above fit in an object of 90mm x 45mm x 25mm

Although the object is not of everyday use, the idea seems to me original since it puts forward the advantages of a technology through an object of communication which is nothing other than the object which served to realize it. I hope that this object will give HP to optimize this model that I created without having the plans of the machine and to use it as object of communication or advertising (gift customers or prospects).


3D printing settings

PA material

The part has been designed according to the HP guidelines to best adapt to the constraints of the machine for optimal results.

9 moving parts not removable

Printed with closed lid and / or open lid: both work

approximate size of the object: 90mmx45mmx25mm

HP Multi Jet Fusion Printing # 3DSPIRIT

File Format: STL

  • 3D model format: STL



Plasturgiste avant tout, je me suis ouvert il y a bientôt 15 ans au monde de la fabrication additive qui me passionne et m'inspire grâce à l'ouverture du champ des possibles qu'elle apporte. Cette technologie à l'origine orientée prototypage bouleverse tous les jours le monde de la production un peu plus et de par mon métier, je me dois de rester en veille permanente et active sur son devenir



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