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3D model description

Just in time for Summer (Northern Hemisphere, I know).

Some will need to be rotated to lay flat on your bed. No supports are needed. Prints well at .25mm / layer with 3 shells. For most parts, 20% infill is adequate. For the middle wall I recommend 50% or higher, to support the torque on those thin thin pegs.

Pay attention to the assembly schematics above. On Drive gear A, you want to tighten the two nuts together, NOT tighten either nut to the bolt head.

Crank the handle and enjoy the bubbles. Right now it makes a single mass of bubbles dangling off the back side, so it clearly needs tinkering. Maybe shaping the impeller case outflow tract into a round tube, right up to the bubble wheel? Maybe larger impeller blades? Maybe reverse the direction of the bubble wheel's rotation? If you want to tinker with it and make it better, here's the link:

For anyone wanting a simple hand-cranked impeller fan, The Reservoir.stl, Bubble wheel.stl, Gear strap.stl, and Wheel pin.stl. The transmission results in a 1: 9 ratio of input to output.


8 shielded ball bearings, 608 size (22mm OD, 8mm ID, 7mm depth)
2 hex bolts, 5/16 ", 2 inch length )
Lots of M3 machine screws, 10mm and 20mm length
Several washers for 5/16 "bolts, roughly 1.5mm thick

  • 3D model format: STL





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