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Algae Turf Scrubber

3D model description

A mid sized algae turf scubber filter for a saltwater aquarium. This will need 2 led lights to be added roughly 20 watts each. This scrubber is sized for 3 cubes of food feeding per day without a skimmer and more if a decent protein skimmer is used.

Things needed: Pump, 2mm thick plexiglass, gasket, 1 inch pvc pipe for slotted pipe, 3/4 inch PVC pipe for base over top of aquarium

The bottom will bolt to the stand using the 3d printed bulkhead. This is a tight fit, so you should make sure your printer is calibrated or sanding/filing is required.

The slot should be the width of the plastic canvas (used for sewing art available on amazon get #7 ). The canvas needs to be roughed up with a hole saw. It should be very rough. The canvas will install into the slot and attached with cable ties.

2 LED lights need to be mounted on either side. There are slots for 2 mm plexiglass on the side panels.

The screen should be cleaned using your hand for the first 4-6 weeks and then once you have good green algae growth, then clean with plastic card once every 2 weeks. Expect funky black growth for the first 2-4 weeks. It takes time to get good green growth. Water flow should be a solid sheet across the screen. Depending on your plumbing you will need a pump that will supply 300-500gallons per hour. A valve will be needed to adjust the flow.

The dremel slot tool is needed to help make a straight 1/8 inch slot. Drill 1/8 inch hole at beginning of slot and slowly pull 1/8 inch dremel cutter to length of slot. DO not go back. one direction for best slot. Clean up slot with sandpaper

The light I used was from 30 watt LED

They claim IP65 on this light, I doubt that it is submersible. Make sure you have good grounds inside each light and wire to a GFI circuit for extra safety. A ground probe in the tank is also a very good idea.

The wires are a bit short and need to be extended. Wire to a waterproof box.

This light
may be a bit too powerful. I would suggest starting with 6 hours on 18 hours off.

3D printing settings

I printed in white, which is too transparent. I would suggest printing in black. PETG is the best choice for the bottom as it will be exposed to more water. Print the bottom and sides at 90-100% fill if using PLA

  • 3D model format: STL





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