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Thrust Reverser with Turbofan Engine Nacelle

3D model description

This is the Thrust Reverser with Turbofan Engine Nacelle.
There are several type of Thrust Reverser. This is the Cascade Vane Type.

A. Design points - This model was designed in order to explain the following point briefly focusing on Thrust Reverser.
1. The fan air reverse mechanism of Thrust Reverser
(Blocker Door, Cascade Vane, Slide door, etc.)
2. Attachment relation between Turbofan Engine and Pylon Beam, etc.
3. The operation of Control Stick and Thrust Reverser
4. The whole engine nacelle structure

B. Features and major components of this model are;
1. "Thrust Reverser" - Cascade Vane Type with Blocker Doors. (Open and Close)
2. "Turbofan Engine" - with Fan Rotor, Thrust Reverser attaching “V” groove flanges.
3. "Fan Cowl" - fitted to Pylon Beam.
4. “Air Intake Case" - fitted to Engine.
5. "Pylon Beam" - attach Thrust Reverser and Fan Cowl Hinges and Engine Mounts.
6. “Pylon Fairing" - fitted to Pylon Beams.
7. “Optional Device" - to explain Control Stick function. (Thrust and Reverse Lever)


C. Assembly Manual (PDF format, total 41 pages)
- The detail assembly manual including "Parts-List", "After printing treatment" and "Assembly procedure"
are prepared based on "Standard Skill (Filing, Drilling, Tapping and painting)".
- This is very challengeable model to print and assemble. I expect your challenge very much.

D. Download files includes;
- files: STL Files (86 items)
- “ws” of last 2 digits means “With Support” special designed.
- PDF(Zip) File: Assembly Manual
- images: Assembly Photos

E. Purchase Parts Information;
- Aluminum Tubes
See Assembly Manual
- Screws
Micro screws M1.4x3.5L and 6L - Direct screw-in to 1 mm dia hole (No nut)
Screws M2 x ** and M3 x ** - See Assembly Manual

F. Total Net Print Time: Approx. 125HR
- (Estimated as case of PLA, 0.4mm Nozzle, 0.2mm Layer Height, 40% infill and No raft and support)
Note: When at actual print, each parameter may be adjusted by your experience.

3D printing settings

See above.
Depending on you experience.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP



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