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Raise3D N2/Plus - Upgrade Cooling Fan Mount for controlled cooling

3D model description

This mount let you use the existing extruder fans for controlled cooling of your printing part plus an additional fan (35mm or 40mm) as replacement or extruder cooling. This Version allows you to reach all relevant screws to loosen and tighten the extruders without demount the fans or fan mounts ( you just have to demount the front fan mount by sliding it aside)!!!
This new controlled part cooling is very effective and improves parts quality a lot (see test pylon pictures)!
For the front fan you can use 2 versions of the mount with 35x35x10mm or 40x40x10mm. (The fan I have used on the pictures is 40x40x20, but attention: It could touch/hit the frame when it come into the home position. I have adjusted the end-switch to avoid this)
Additional new improved FrameFanMount (V3) that avoids collition with the frame of he machine and has improved airflow.

3D printing settings

I have printed the parts in Polymaker PolyMax PLA with 100% infill at a speed of 50-60m/s. Just use standard print setting for your material.
I suggest white material instead of black as this improves the visibility of the parts during printing... !

  • 3D model format: STL



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Hi Jan,
it's not an answer but a question for Netbeese.

Hi Sébastien,
I don't understand your answer?
Jan Vingaard

Is it compatible with N1 serie ? If you don't know, can you please give the bulk size to check ?

Added new additional improved FrameFanMount with improved dimensions & airflow.

Hi, please let me know what you mean with errors. I have sliced my prints with Simplify3D without errors and very good print results on different 3D-printers as well as with the Raise3D. If you still having trouble with it I can print it for you if you like or send you the factory-file from Simplyfy3D. I assume you want to print this on your Raise N2, correct ? What material are you using? I also have an updated version that I can send you as STL-file. Please let me have your E-Mail-adress.

To many errors in the construction of this design.
Holes for the fann has been cut out, and leaves error when slicing.
Too bad!!

I think that the walls for the 2 side blower duct is a bit thin.
Could use a little more thickness