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Filament Dryer Thermostat using DS18B20 Temperature sensor

3D model description

First Special thanks to MirageC a wonderful design.

I Remixed the design of MirageC for my requirement

This project is very helpful for pre-heating our 3D printer filaments.
The main aim to remove the moisture level of the filaments which helps a lot in improving 3D printing.
The hear of the circuit is Arduino where the code is written in Arduino and we used DS18B20 temp sensor and a relay to switch On/OFF the heater.
The code is written for predefined values like temperature for different filaments available in market along with time.
The predefined values for the filaments can be navigate and selected using 3 Buttons.

I designed PCB in Target 3001! the editable files is also attached.

Components Required
1. Atmega328
2. 16x2 Ch LCD display
3. 16 Mhz Crystal
4. 4.7 K SMD 1206package resistor
5. 0Ohm resistor
6. 220uf Capacitor SMD
7. 78M05 SMD Voltage regulator
8. 0.1 uf SMD capacitor
9. Pushbotton switch 3 Nos
10. Ds18B20 Sensor
11. 10K resistor SMD 1206P
12. 12V 3W power supply module (AC to DC onverter)
13. Relay 1No
14. NPN 547 Transistor
15. LED 5mm
16. IN4007 Diode 1 No DIP & SMD
17. 1K resistor SMD 1206 package
micellanious like screws for fitting etc

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP



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