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Free 3d model Totally not a Cubone - Keychain, ricardo-jfa
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Totally not a Cubone - Keychain

3D model description

"Totally not a Cubone" keychain, made by giving a small incision in the "Totally not a Cubone" model and removing the head from the body.

From a Zbrush file directly to your key holder.

Note: In the 3D viewer the file is on the vertical position, but when you open it in Simplify3D/Cura (or any other slicer) it should be in the correct position(horizontal).

3D printing settings

Printed in Fillamentum Rapunzel Silver.

There is only need for supports in the hanging zones, like beneath the skull and the side hair.

0,2 mm layer, but lower will give better results
Bed - 55º
Nozzle - 200º
Infill - 10%
Speed - 55 mm/s
Supports - 14% infill

  • 3D model format: STL



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About me... hmmm, I'm a professional net surfer who enjoys making 3d stuff.
I like to sculpt mostly organic stuff, but when in need, I can make other stuff.



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