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House of El crest

3D model description

Spherical Charm with an engraved House of El crest. can be used as a pendent or a key chain charm, or any other type of charm.

3D printing settings

Bellow are the recommended settings for best print result. I have provided build files that can be used directly on your printer in the following formats in case your slicer does not have all the below options (.gcode, .x3g, .makerbot, .3w) I have also included the .factory file for Simplify3D Slicer.

Process Settings

Model Size: 40 mm Diameter, Scaled to 30 mm for this print

- Height: 0.1 mm
- Top Solid Layers: 10 minimum if you are using less than 50% infill, this will insure the top of the sphere does not cave in.
- Outline/Perimeter Shells: 4

- Extruder: 230 C (When using ABS filament)
- Heated Build Platform Temp: 105 to 110 C (When using ABS filament)

- Raft Layers: 3
- Raft Offset from part: 3.00 mm
- Separation Distance: 0.14 mm
- Raft Infill: 85%

- Interior Fill Percentage: 15% Minimum
- Minimum Infill Length 5.00 mm

- Support Infill Percentage: 25%
- Dense Support Layers: 3 Minimum
- Dense Infill Percentage: 80%
- Support Pillar Resolution: 2.00 mm

Note: I have raised the model a few millimeters above the build plate and let it print directly on the support pillars, I have found that this approach allows for a better printed sphere, but requires some post print processing (sanding and smoothing). however, you can still get good results printing directly on the build plate and without a raft.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP



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