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Alarm clock / thermometer

3D model description


Alarm clock / bathroom thermometer.


Quartz movement with needles (Amazon 1,11 € vat incl.)

Bimetal thermometer recovery of a car thermometer.

Needle protection: transparent plastic of a cd.

8 small screws on request.

(Replacement of the movement battery by the 4 screws thermometer side).

7 printed parts: alarm clock display, inner body, thermometer body, external support, temperature display and 2 covers.

DAGOMA DiscoEasy200 printer, modeling: TINKERCAD website, modeling preparation by Cura by Dagoma.

3D printing settings

All parts PLA CHROMATIC, Temperature 205 °, filling 17%, Fine quality 0.1mm.

Alarm clock 1: white color, print support: everywhere. change filament> red layer 27

filament change> white layer 29

Printing time 4H16 approx.

Alarm Clock 2: pearl gray filament color, no print media, no filament change.

Printing time 4H7 approx.

Alarm clock 3: white filament color, print media everywhere, no filament change.

Printing time: around 5H24.

Alarm clock4: pearl gray color, print media everywhere, no color change.

Print time 8H44.

Alarm clock5: white filament color, no print media, color change> red at layer 17.

Print time: 50minutes.

Wake6 and 7: white filament color, no print support, no color change.

  • 3D model format: STL



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