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3d printer designs Pythagorean Wine Glass, 3d-fabric-jean-pierre
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Pythagorean Wine Glass

3D model description

Inspired by great Greek mathematician Pythagoras, this is the wine glass with a concealed inner pipe that immediately drains all the liquid if the vessel is filled past at some point.

a good way to be reasonable.

Designed to be 3D printed without support, it measures about 70 mm in diameter and 100 mm high.

As shown in the pictures, when the level is reasonable (below the limit) the glass remains filled.

But if the level is too high, the glass is emptied by the principle of the syphon.

Have fun

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  • 3D model format: STL



Professional 3D modeler for several years (self-employed).
I spend time on 3d printing between two clients.

Working in the field of mechanics, 3d printing allows for more nature-oriented and sculptural achievements.

Work Process : Catch idea (ta onta), 3D modelling and 3Dprint with RepRap Prusa i3.

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