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3D model description

Plantr is an aesthetic water sustaining plant container, meant as indoor desk / table accessory. The whole concept works on basis of capillary action that occurs when soil / porous material absorbs and holds water. This allows the user to water the plant only once a week or so, and be carefree.

3D printing settings

The Plantr is very easy to use and maintain. Just fill inner container with soil / fertilizer / plant-gel and plant, place the inner container in the outer container and fill water in the outer container through the provided gap. The water will slowly be absorbed inside the soil of the inner container and the plant will use this water gradually over a few days. Depending on what type of plant is placed in the Plantr the user has to water only once a week or once in two weeks, re-water only when there is little or no water left in outer container. (tip: filling bottom with a small 1cm thick layer of gravel will help in aeration of roots)

  • 3D model format: STL



Hello! I am an Industrial Designer Based in Pune, India. Graduated from MIT Institute of Design. My approach in design has mostly comprised of "function with an aesthetic finesse". Well versed with 3D software like 3Ds Max and Solidworks, I have worked on various 3D printed products, and have experience in polymer manufactured products (injection molding and rotational molding). I also have a keen interest and design experience in robotics, metal fabrication and user interface design. Visit my work website



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