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LUX lamp shade 3D printer file, Salokannel
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LUX lamp shade

3D model description

LUX lamp is a lamp shade that celebrates the light in the darkest time of the year, winter. 1st piece was designed and printed during the Lux Helsinki light festival, Jan 2016. LUX fits with typical E27 fitting that's about 40mm in diameter. There's no need for support material, but I have added in the design a 0,3mm thin ring in the bottom to keep it more stable during the print. This thin ring is very easy to remove when print is ready, even with bare hands.

200mm of diameter and 183mm of height.
8 inch of diameter and ~7 inch of height.

  • 3D model format: STL


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My print failed at the very end with less than an hour to go. I'm new to this but it seems like the print was vibrating and caused the print head to jam momentarily. Have you had any issues like this?