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Bird Feeder - Pole Mounted

3D model description

Pole Mounted Bird Feeder
Perfect for Spring! Or your urban office as a hipster beer feeder.

Designed to fit a standard Bamboo Post

A simple design that can be easily installed on any pole. This is built for Bamboo posts but can easily work elsewhere. I am using it for bird seed so that my dog has more animals to protect the house from.

In my garden I put a bamboo post into the dirt and glued a bird house onto the top. Half way down the post I installed this feeder, which should attract birds to the house above.

Materials Needed
Any plastic to print with. Most plastics will work great. If you have some heavy birds you might want to use something stronger? Try PLA first and see what happens.
1 x 6mm bolt/nut: length is your post diameter + 6-8mm. US Imperial is 1/4 inch bolt/nut.

Bird Seed
Measure your post size - There are three options: 30mm, 35mm, 40mm.
Depending on your post size you can choose from these three options. If you need something else just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. Just choose the closest diameter version to your post. 5mm should be a find variable when clamping onto a post.

Screw Size - This is designed for a 6mm bolt and nut. Add around 6mm of length to the diameter of your post to get the bolt length.

Drainage - If you want you can drill a hole or two into the bottom of the dish to allow water to drain out. Keep those seeds dry!

Post some pictures of it in action!

Enjoy your Spring and Summer. Thanks for printing.

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