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Free stl files The Dog, mag-net
Free stl files The Dog, mag-net
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The Dog

3D model description

I just made a couple tweaks to the dog. Wanted to put him on the bookshelf.

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I'm a 3D design/printing hobbyist. Don't worry, I still have my day job. My work is primarily fan art, but from time to time, I'll put out something original. There is much to learn.



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Are you interested in doing some design work for us?

Thank you in advance.

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Peter Figge

Happy Printing

Yes. When I was designing "Where the Sidewalk Ends", the dog was my first test print. I grew fond of him, so with a few adjustments, I put him out on his own.

This is great! Did you model the dog off of the one in "Where the Sidewalk Ends?"