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Perseverance, Motorized

3D model description

I've had quite a few requests for the motorized version of the hand cranked Perseverance thing ( , so here it is, Perseverance, Motorized.

It makes a unique bookend, I receive plenty of inquiries as to where I bought it ( ;) ). I've also printed one using glow in the dark filament for the torso, head, arms, legs, etc., and it looks good, even though somewhat eerie, in the dark. The original has been running over 3 months non stop; it's quiet, and an attention getter.

Video is here:

The printing differences between Perseverance and Perseverance, Motorized are the use of "Base Motorized.stl" as opposed to "Base.stl", the addition of "Gear Motor.stl", and the removal of "Axle Gear Idler Wheel.stl" and "Knob.stl" which are replaced by printing an additional "Axle Gear Idler End.stl".

You'll also need a motor, coaxial power jack and power supply.

There are quite a number of parts, but all are easy to print. So if your Perseverance is there, print on, and build Perseverance, Motorized!

UPDATE: Updated "Base Motorized.stl" with correct tenon

Designed using my own software and Sketchup 8, and printed in PLA on a Makerbot Replicator 2 using Makerware

3D printing settings

See the instructions for the hand cranked version, here: I found a few extraneous modeling errors in some of the files for the hand cranked edition, and hopefully, I've corrected them all. Do not hesitate to comment or message if you have problems, as I will do my best to resolve them.

Obtain the following parts:

1) Gear Motor - "6VDC 45 RPM Pinky Finger Sized Gear Motor 1" Long x 15/32" x 3/8"" from either or directly from

2) Coaxial Power Jack - Radio Shack part number 274-1583.

3) 1.5 Vdc Power Supply - Radio Shack part number 273-315 with the "N" style plug (273-345, you get one free with the power supply).

I have not fully printed all the parts, so some may be missing.

Comment or message if problems, questions or even suggestions.

Hope you like it.

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