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Free 3D model Mystic Alien (28mm/Heroic scale), Dutchmogul

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Mystic Alien (28mm/Heroic scale)

3D model description

This character was designed from stats generated on our Wayfarer Random Alien Generator app for our sci-fantasy tabletop RPG, ]Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder](

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WAYFARER SPECIES STATS----------------------------------------------------------------------
Mystic Alien (Random alien race)

Step One: Attributes
Attributes: STR+0 DEX-1 BUL+2 AGI+2 END+0 REA+1 PER-2 WIL+1 CRE+0 CHA-3

Step Two: Locomotors
Locomotor: [FOUR-LEGGED] The creature ambulates in the same way as a horse or lion. (Skill Adept (Balance) 2, Skill Adept (Run) 2)

Step Three: Manipulators
Manipulator: [ARMS] The creature possesses a pair of arms and may manipulate objects. (No adjustment)

Step Four: Extra Adaptions
Adapation: [TRUNK] The creature's snout is elongated into a prehensile trunk. (-4 DEX when using the trunk as a manipulator, Acute Sense (Scent) 4)
Adapation: [PRIMITIVE] The creature is relatively bestial or even non-sapient. (REA -1, Acute Sense (Scent) 9, Skill Adept (Fieldcraft) 9, Openness -2)

Step Five: Personalities
O.C.E.A.N.: Openness+4 Conscienctiousness+0 Extroverison+4 Agreeableness+1 Neuroticism+0

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