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MyRCCar MTC Total Combo, Two 1/10 RC Off-Road Chassis Styles and may extras!

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3D model description

This is my most complete recopilation of parts about MTC (Monster Truck / Crawler) chassis ever.

More than 200 parts to combine and build the truck chassis you are looking for. I have invested quite a bunch of money and hundreds of hours designing, printing and testing these MTC chassis and now all those parts and related ones are bundled in this TOTAL COMBO ;)

Both Versions:
You will find here both of MTC versions, the "RA" (Rigid Axles), and "ISS" (Independent Suspension System) ones.
This means you can build a Crawler with Rigid Axles, a Monster with the ISS version or an "hybrid" using Independent Suspension System for the Front Axle and a Rear Rigid Axle.
There are a few parts, specially the sides bar structure and the central platform and gearbox, which are common to both versions.

Updated Parts:
I have reviewed and improved many of the parts from the begining of this project. You will find the latest versions of each one, the same than the "older" ones if they provide a different approach to the problem.

The Gearbox:
You will be able to use a sourced real center differential without reduction and add the "reduction system" if needed.
The same way you can use a 3D printed fixed Center Crown instead of the Differential
You can use different gears in the "reduction system" to achieve different reduction ratios, up to 1/4. You could use this feature to better "tune" the max speed and max torque of your build.

Using Universal Shafts for central transmission:
If you want to use sourced HSP 18027 or similar central transmissions you will be able to use them for a crawler build (without center differential, fixed crown instead) using the Rigid Axles Version. I have not tested if it would work in the ISS version. For this purpose, you can use the 3D printed crown and axle provided to be used as "central fixed diff" but you will need a piece of 5mm metal rod to insert it inside the "differential". You will have to "metal-smith" this little metal axle to be able to use it with your sourced transmission. A strong screw inside the printed diff will fix it to the diff so they move as one.

New Universal Body Holder System:
My new system allows you to use the classical "body clip" or "magnet" system, regulate the height but also displace the front or rear holders to the front or back of the car.
As you probably know, I really like TPU material. It is the cheap one from the elastic filaments, and it isn't as hard to print as a TPE or lower shore filaments. The main part of each Body Holder (the front and the rear one) must be made of TPU and I think its shape will really help surviving some hits without breaking something.
Two pairs of PLA or other rigid filament Posts will "screw" in F/R TPU Main Parts. Screw them less or more, use shorter or longer posts version to achieve your desired height.
In each Body Holder Post top part, a small TPU part with a M3x12 screw as axle will serve as a basculating base for the body, making the connection softer.

All the extras:
- Action Camera Holder: Attach your action camera to the chassis so it goes protected under the body
- Universal Shaft: 3D print and build a working variable length double-cardan transmission for your build
- Splash Protections: 3D print and build with PLA and TPU filament some protections for motor, electronics and gears
- Motor Pinions: A few different pinions for 3.17 and 5mm motor shafts to be used with the build
- Wheel Hex Collection: Different height standard 12mm Hex for your wheels plus special ones for HSP 188015
- Fake Fixed HSP 02024 differential: 3D printable gear, axle and "vase covers" to achieve the functionality of a "locked" differential. It should work better in RA Version
- Fake Fixed Central Differential: 3D print and build a 46T Mod1 Gear and its axle to be used instead of a sourced one. You can print it with "plastic outputs" or use 5mm metal shaft
- 1/8 and 1/10 vase "sponges" to be printed in TPU and be inserted inside 1/8 or 1/10 transmission vases, to avoid the dogbone moving beyound some limits
- Center Diff Remote Locking System (Experimental)

Building Instructions:
Attached to the files you will find two "instructables" in PDF, one for the MTC ISS and another for the MTC RA Version. They are a little out-dated but will help you a lot with screws or assembly order. You can also use the info available in my independent publications of MTC Independent Suspension System and MTC Rigid Axles.
Probably you won't find all the info you need for your exact build there, but most of it. For the rest you can join me and other great makers in my Discord Server. Buy this, let me know you want some help and I will invite you :)

Sourced Parts:
As many options are available in this design to make your own build, the list of components can't be exact. In terms of mechanics and electronics, this design uses the cheap 1/10 scale ones.
We could consider that the 3D printed gears would be 1/8, as they use Mod1 teeth size, normally related to 1/8 rc cars. So if you are looking for a sourced motor pinion, look for a Mod1 one.

This design use mostly M3 size screws, of all the kinds. I mean, you will need Socket Head screws, button head screws, counter-sunk head screws, grub screws... But how much of them of each length? OMG good question... Try to use the drawings as a guide to make your own table of screws for your build. You will also find very useful M4 grub screws to fix some gears or vases in some cases, from 4 to 6mm long.

The most "picky" parts would be the CVDs, the Bearings, the F/R Differentials and pinions, or the center differential. I have tried to use easy to source and cheap ones for these parts so most of people can afford them. Their prices are extra low in aliexpress... just plan your build with time to do not "loose" money because of impatience.

For the electronics, I would recommend you to buy first cheap ones... Maybe a typical brushed 1/10 motor and ESC, a "medium" size 2S battery (3000mAh) and its charger, a less than 10$ around 10KG servo and a 2 or 3 channel radio Transmitter and Receiver. Then, if you think your build would improve a lot changing something, maybe invest a little more in that... When you will have enough "spares" you will be able to build a second car ;)

2022 Updated sourced parts list examples:

3D printer file information

  • 3D design format: ZIP Folder details Close
      • 00 MAIN Parts/MRCC_MTC_CentralSideBar.stl
      • 00 MAIN Parts/MRCC_MTC_Cover_TopCenterCutted.stl
      • 00 MAIN Parts/MRCC_MTC_Cover_TopFR.stl
      • 00 MAIN Parts/MRCC_MTC_Cover_TopFRONT.stl
      • 00 MAIN Parts/MRCC_MTC_Cover_TopFR_MaxBattSize.stl
      • 00 MAIN Parts/MRCC_MTC_FrontRearSideBar.stl
      • 00 MAIN Parts/MRCC_MTC_FrontSideBar_SHORTER.stl
      • 00 MAIN Parts/MRCC_MTC_Platform_Central.stl
      • 00 MAIN Parts/MRCC_MTC_Platform_Front.stl
      • 00 MAIN Parts/MRCC_MTC_Platform_Holder.stl
      • 00 MAIN Parts/MRCC_MTC_TopBatteryBox.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_BatteryHolder135_RTP.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_BatteryHolder145_RTP.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_BatteryHolder155_RTP.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Cover_Bottom135.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Cover_Bottom145.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Cover_Bottom155.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Cover_Bottom165.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_FRD_BOTTOM_5104.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_FRD_LA_Holder0c.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_FRD_LA_Holder6c.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_FRD_LA_Holder6c_IMPROVED.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_FRD_SteeringHolder.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_FRD_TOP.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_FRD_UAS_0C.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_FRD_UAS_6C.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Platform_Rear.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Platform_Rear_PLUS10mm.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Platform_Rear_PLUS20mm.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_ServoSpacer.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Steering_BalljointExtreme_Medium.STL
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Steering_BalljointExtreme_Normal.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Steering_BalljointExtreme_Small.STL
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Steering_Pivot.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Steering_Plate.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Steering_Tower1Servo.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_Steering_Tower2.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_C-HUB_Front.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_C-HUB_Front_188015.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_C-HUB_Front_188015_4mmScrewGuides.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_C-HUB_Front_4mmscrewGuides.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_FSBLOCK_188015_plus2mm.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_FSBLOCK_TYPEA.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_FSBLOCK_TYPEA_FrancisSpec.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_FSBLOCK_TYPEB.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_FSBLOCK_TYPEC.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_FSBLOCK_TYPED.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_LowerArm_715.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_LowerArm_769.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_RFIXEDBLOCK_188015.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_RFIXEDBLOCK_ForVandalDogbones.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_UpperArm_715.stl
      • 01 ISS Version Parts/MRCC_MTC_ISS_SUS_UpperArm_769.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Axle_Bottom_475.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Axle_Bottom_715-769.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Axle_Bottom_Mixed475-715.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Axle_Top_475.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Axle_Top_715-769.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Axle_Top_MediumNew.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Axle_Top_Mixed475-715.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Axle_Top_SmallNew.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_BallJointExtreme_70mm.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_BalljointExtreme_Normal.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_SteeringPlatform_L_Adjustable.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_SteeringPlatform_L_Adjustable_REVISITED.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_SteeringPlatform_L_Adjustable_REVISITED_pivot.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_SteeringPlatform_M_Adjustable.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_SteeringPlatform_S_Adjustable.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_C-Hub715.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_C-Hub769.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_C-Hub_for102015_with2mmExtra.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_FixedBlock_TypeA.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_FixedBlock_TypeB.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_FixedBlock_TypeB_188015.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_FixedBlock_TypeB_V2.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_FixedBlock_TypeC.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_FixedBlock_TypeC_108015.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_FixedBlock_TypeD.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_SBlock_TypeA.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_SBlock_TypeA_V2.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_SBlock_TypeA_V2_Plus3mm.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_SBlock_TypeB.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_SBlock_TypeB_V2.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_SBlock_TypeB_V4_TINY.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_SBlock_TypeC.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_SBlock_TypeC_V4_TINY.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_SBlock_TypeD.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Axles/MTC_RigidAxles_mangetaTypeC_Chikita.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/Fixed Length Links/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_102dot5_forWide155PWB.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/Fixed Length Links/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_107dot5_for165PWB.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/Fixed Length Links/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_112dot5_forWide165PWB.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/Fixed Length Links/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_87dot5_for145PWB.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/Fixed Length Links/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_92dot5_forWide145PWB.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/Fixed Length Links/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_97dot5_for155PWB.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/Fixed Length Links/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_UpFront_66dot5_for145PWB.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/Fixed Length Links/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_UpFront_75dot8_for155PWB.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/Fixed Length Links/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_UpFront_85_for165PWB.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_Adj_66dot5to85_forM3.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_Adj_66dot5to85_forM4.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_Adj_87dot5to112dot5_forM3.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_Adj_87dot5to112dot5_forM4.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_FrontPlatformHolder.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_Holder_CenterPlatform_pair.stl
      • 02 RA Version Parts/Multilink/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Links_Holder_TopCover.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/Alt Gears/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_13TDiffPinion.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/Alt Gears/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_14TDiffPinion.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/Alt Gears/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_15TDiffPinion.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/Alt Gears/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_15Tgear.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/Alt Gears/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_17Tgear.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/Alt Gears/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_21Tgear.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/Alt Gears/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_22Tgear.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/Alt Gears/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_26Tgear.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/Alt Gears/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_28Tgear.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/Alt Gears/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_28Tgear_withHoles.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_ADAPTOR_SST_05mmDisplacedAdaptors_PAIR.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_ADAPTOR_SST_1mmDisplacedAdaptors_PAIR.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_ADAPTOR_SST_PAIR.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_ADAPTOR_TRO_PAIR.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_BOTTOM_V4.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_HoleCaps.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_LongAxle.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_13TDiffPinion_Achaflanado.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_14TDiffPinion_Achaflanado.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_15TDiffPinion_Achaflanado.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_15TGear_Achaflanado.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_17TGear_Achaflanado.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_21TGear_Achaflanado.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_22TGear_Achaflanado.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_26Tgear_Achaflanada.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_28TGearWithHoles_Achaflanado.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_Mod1_28TGear_Achaflanado.stl
      • 03 Gearbox Parts/MRCC_MTC_CD_GEARBOX_TOP.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/FJ Cruiser Links/MRCC_MTC_FJC_FrontLeftLink.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/FJ Cruiser Links/MRCC_MTC_FJC_FrontUnderBumper.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/FJ Cruiser Links/MRCC_MTC_FJC_RearRightLink.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/FJ Cruiser Links/MRCC_MTC_ISS_FJC_FrontBumperLink.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/FJ Cruiser Links/MRCC_MTC_RA_FJC&TPB_FrontBumperLink.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/TPB Links/MRCC_TPB_Links_Body_FrontBumper_10mmshorter.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/TPB Links/MRCC_TPB_Links_Body_Rear.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/TPB Links/MRCC_TPB_Links_Chassis_FrontBumper_23dot5mmLift.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/TPB Links/MRCC_TPB_Links_Chassis_Rear_23dot5mmLift.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/Universal Body Holder System/MRCC_MTC_UniversalHolderAdaptor.stl
      • 05 Suspension Parts/MRCC_MTC_ShockHolderPair0c.stl
      • 05 Suspension Parts/MRCC_MTC_ShockHolderPair0c10mmhigher.stl
      • 05 Suspension Parts/MRCC_MTC_ShockHolderPair0cSTRONG.stl
      • 05 Suspension Parts/MRCC_MTC_ShockHolderPair6c.stl
      • 05 Suspension Parts/MRCC_MTC_ShockHolderPair6c10mmhigher.stl
      • 05 Suspension Parts/MRCC_MTC_ShockHolderPair6cSTRONG.stl
      • 05 Suspension Parts/MTC_ShockHolder6C_Stronger.stl
      • 05 Suspension Parts/MTC_ShockHolders_Strong_high.stl
      • 05 Suspension Parts/MTC_ShockHolder_ExtraHigh.stl
      • 05 Suspension Parts/shockholder0cnew.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/14T pinions/MRCC_CD_MOTOR_PINION_MOD1_14T.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/14T pinions/MyRCCar14Tpinion.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/14T pinions/MyRCCar_Motorpinion_Mod1_14T_3dot17mmShaft_M3grub.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/14T pinions/MyRCCar_Motorpinion_Mod1_14T_5mmShaft_M4grub.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/14T pinions/PinionM1_T14_GearThickness5mm_3dot17_Dshaped_M4Grub_ShortHUB.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/14T pinions/Pinion_Mod1_14T_6mmgear_4.5mmhub_Dshaped_M3grub.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_DiffVaseGear.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_FinalGear.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_FinalGear_Axle.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_MainPart.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_MainPartFIXED_LOCK.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_MainPartGOOD.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_MidGear.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_MidGear_Axle.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_MidGear_AxleFullFORPAUSE.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_MidGear_Axle_Cover.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_MidGear_Cover.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_MidGear_ServoArm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/CenterDiffRemoteBlock/GEARBOX Addon_MidGear_ServoAxle.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed 02024 Differential/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_HSP02024_axle.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed 02024 Differential/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_HSP02024_gear.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed 02024 Differential/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_HSP02024_gearNEW.STL
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed 02024 Differential/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_HSP02024_vaseCover.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed 02024 Differential/pinion02030testAnilloHolder_TPU.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed 02024 Differential/pinion02030_For10x15x4bearings_and_3dprinted_central_trans.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed Central Differential/MRCC_MTC_CD_ejeparaCardansComprados.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed Central Differential/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_CD_SST_LOCKED_FAKE_10mmAdaptor.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed Central Differential/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_CD_SST_LOCKED_FAKE_10mm_holder.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed Central Differential/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_CD_SST_LOCKED_FAKE_Axle.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed Central Differential/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_CD_SST_LOCKED_FAKE_Axle_10mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed Central Differential/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_CD_SST_LOCKED_FAKE_Axle_10mm_longer.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Fake Fixed Central Differential/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_CD_SST_LOCKED_FAKE_Gear.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/missionCVD_Adaptor2.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/palier_1_10_almohadilla.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/palier_1_8_almohadilla.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Splash Protections/MRCC_MTC_SplashProtector_ElectronicsCover_TPU_RTP.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Splash Protections/MRCC_MTC_SplashProtector_ElectronicsPlatform_PLA_withSupports.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Splash Protections/MRCC_MTC_SplashProtector_GearsCover_TPU.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Splash Protections/MRCC_MTC_SplashProtector_MotorCover_TPU.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_11mmCube.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_11mmDot4Cube.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_Fork1_forSST.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_Fork2_12mm_tight.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_Fork3_UniversalCupB.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_Fork4_10mm_tight.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_InnerAxle_for145PWB_15mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_InnerAxle_for145PWB_22mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_InnerAxle_for155PWB_25mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_InnerAxle_for155PWB_32mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_InnerAxle_for165PWB_35mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_OuterAxle_for145PWB_15mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_OuterAxle_for145PWB_22mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_OuterAxle_for155PWB_25mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_OuterAxle_for155PWB_32mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Universal Shaft/MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_US_OuterAxle_for165PWB_35mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Wheel Hex Collection/MyRCCar_WheelHEX12mm_10Plus1mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Wheel Hex Collection/MyRCCar_WheelHEX12mm_12mmLong_forHSP188015_better2.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Wheel Hex Collection/MyRCCar_WheelHEX12mm_15mmLong_forHSP188015.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Wheel Hex Collection/MyRCCar_WheelHEX12mm_4Plus1mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Wheel Hex Collection/MyRCCar_WheelHEX12mm_5Plus1mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Wheel Hex Collection/MyRCCar_WheelHEX12mm_6Plus1mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Wheel Hex Collection/MyRCCar_WheelHEX12mm_7Plus1mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Wheel Hex Collection/MyRCCar_WheelHEX12mm_8Plus1mm.stl
      • 06 Extra Parts/Wheel Hex Collection/MyRCCar_WheelHEX12mm_9Plus1mm.stl
      • MyRCCar-110-MTC-Chassis-Rigid-Axles-Version-Custom.pdf
      • MyRCCar-110-MTC-Chassis-Updated-Customizable-Chass.pdf
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/Universal Body Holder System/MRCC_KIDS_BODYHOLDER_PIN_M.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/Universal Body Holder System/MRCC_KIDS_BODYHOLDER_PIN_S.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/Universal Body Holder System/MRCC_KIDS_BODYHOLDER_SPACER_2mm.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/Universal Body Holder System/MRCC_KIDS_BODYHOLDER_SUPPORTBASE_TPU.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/Universal Body Holder System/MRCC_KIDS_BODYHOLDER_MAIN_TPU.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/Universal Body Holder System/MRCC_KIDS_BODYHOLDER_PIN_L.stl
      • 04 Body Holder Parts/Universal Body Holder System/MRCC_KIDS_BODYHOLDER_PIN_L_thickbody.stl
      • MRCC_Sourced_Parts.xlsx

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  • Publication date: 2022-06-21 at 18:25





Hi everyone! I've spent some time designing and 3d printing these last years and this platform has some interesting features that I hope will allow me to share with you my best parts in a more secure way.

Remember to contact me after your purchase so we can follow the adventure!

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