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Marblevator "Mini", Clockwise Hand Cranked Base

3D model description

Thingiverse citizen "jsturm" asked for a clockwise cranked version of the Marblevator "Mini", Hand Cranked Base, so here it is. More parts than the original, but the handle cranks clockwise as opposed to counter clockwise.

Video of assembly and operation here: (needs to be "broke in").

Printed in PLA on a Makerbot Replicator 2 using Makerware "Standard" settings.

3D printing settings

Study "Assembly.skp"

Print all parts, printing two of "Gear.stl".

After printing "Base.stl" break off the four hold down disks at the corners and trim, file and/or sand smooth (the hold down disks help minimize warping during printing).

Depending on your printer, printer settings and/or colors, you may need to use a 15/64" drill or round file to enlarge the axle and crank holes in "Block.stl" and "Base.stl" respectively so that "Axle.stl" spins freely in "Block.stl", and "Crank.stl" spins freely in "Base.stl".

Lubricate all moving surfaces using white lithium grease.

Press "Knob.stl" into "Crank.stl". Cyanoacrylate will help hold the knob in position.

Slide the crank assembly ("Knob.stl" and "Crank.stl") into "Base.stl".

Press the first "Gear.stl" onto the crank assembly.

Install "Gear Crown.stl" into "Base.stl".

Slide "Axle.stl" into "Block.stl". Press the second "Gear.stl" onto the end of "Axle.stl".

Press the block assembly ("Gear.stl", "Axle.stl" and "Block.stl" into "Base.stl". A small dot of cyanoacrylate between the bottom of the assembly and "Base.stl" may assist in holding the assembly in place.

Snap on your track of choice and worm gear, and crank clockwise.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP



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