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M1 Abrams Micro Tank

3D model description

Introducing the Micro Tank!

This is the perfect size for a game board or wargaming piece.

The Micro M1 Abrams Tank is meant to be super tiny at around 30 mm long, with minimal amount of support required. This is the first in a series of micro tanks and vehicles.

There are two options. The single option and the double option. This prints better when it has to move away from the barrel every layer. I would suggest printing a whole fleet of these at once.

Suggestions of what to design next are welcome.

3D printing settings

The single tank takes about 15 min at 0.4 layer height, but it doesn't look as nice. 0.2 layer height takes 25 minutes. I guess you could go all the way and do 0.15 and 0.1 layer height. It would look super slick but take you 45 minutes.

The double tank takes 30 minutes at 0.2 layer height.

Raft or Brim works great. The support should snap right off the back. I use support interface to make the back of the tank cleaner.

  • 3D model format: STL



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