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Free  Day 21: The snowman STL file, dagomafr
Free  Day 21: The snowman STL file, dagomafr
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Day 21: The snowman

3D model description

The legend of Hans snowman "

It is a long time in Finland, in a forest in the far north, pushing firs whose sap was coveted by loggers surrounding villages. Indeed, the winter months, they were producing gold sap! These firs, strong coveted by loggers cruel, were protected by a giant snowman named Hans.

It was during the night of 21 December, in a snowstorm, an army of lumberjacks came to invade the forest. Armed with their axes, they tried to cut the trees. Hans objected, so the loggers Hans decided to weaken. Then they resumed their work.

Now, every time a tree fell to the ground, and a storm triggered covered fallen trees so that they could recover. This went on for days and days without once the storm continues. The tired and frozen by the cold loggers eventually abandon this futile struggle.

Hans, hurt by the hatchets of lumberjacks, remained marked by this battle but had never need to play forest protectors in winter. He preferred playing in the trees ...

3D printing settings

Use your creativity to personalize this snowman: add matches to arms, a piece of paper for the nose...

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