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Helicone Head - Toy - Turning bust

3D model description

Put your head straight!
Spin the segments to form a bust.


Each segment is numbered for easy assembly. The numbers are hollowed into the TOP solid.

The stick is now printed horizontally - in direction of layers - it makes it tougher. The model contains 6 different diameters - use the on that fits you the best. Not all printers print the same and are not well calibrated)

When spinning, do not be too hard! The speed of spinning must be increased GRADUALLY - same as the stopping. SUDDENLY MADE QUICK MOTION CHANGES WILL NOT RESULT IN PROPER SEGMENT ALIGNMENT. But it could only result in breaking the inner pins.

3D printing settings

2 Perimeters, 10% infill, 2 top layers, 2 bottom layers are fine. No support.

Be sure, your first layer is calibrated well. When it is too low, the filament spreads to the sides and makes holes smaller (The model will not be able to bee assembled).

  • 3D model format: STL



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I am Prague based creative hybrid. I accomplished master’s degree in Architecture. I was mostly focused on parametrical design and digital planning. Last three years I have been working for Prusa Research (world leading manufacturer of 3D printers) where my assignment is varied: copywriting, production videos, promotions, animations, tutorials, graphic designs, advertisement, 3D design and also optimization in manufacturing.



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