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Glock 17

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3D model description

  • 3D file format: STL
  • Last update: 2021/02/04 at 07:48
  • Publication date: 2020/01/18 at 12:24





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what size are the springs?

Can't shoot @rodrigo……

Por favor, essa arma dispara as balas de plástico ou é somente enfeite?

part Amazon part DIY part demolition from old appliances

where can i find the springs? can you write me the values or where to find them?

I made videos on the dimensions of the G17 spring on my channel @dandiane

@dandiane, pas mal ton impression Chiekku, j'ai démarré les petites pièces pour le Glock 17, j'ai pris du retard car petit problème avec ma Ender 3 pro, de toute façon je trouve qu'il me manque encore beaucoup d'info cela arrive au compte goutte mais je trouve le projet pas mal réussi si tu as une adresse perso je peux t'envoyer des infos complémentaires je suis sur le fichier ( b1 ) et je pense pouvoir réussir le modèle sans les viseurs car pour l'impression c'est pas top, bon courage à toi.
merci à ZVC j'espère qu'il pourra nous donner plus d'info au sujet des ressorts comme dans la vidéo du Thompson

@CHIEKKU , a7, a8, d6 u can see it when you have finished printing. i can't remember. they are different in diameter. btw thank u for ur picture :)

@dandiane Thank you! I'm pretty new to 3D printing; and I'm still learning. I printed the receiver like this:

It's annoying; there's a lot of support that you have to cut off. But any other way seems to be worse. It will either fail to print or end up warped. If anyone else knows how to do it better, please tell me.

For the recoil spring (#3, #4 from diagram), I think the author used made their own using wire, wrapping it around the rod.

In the US, we can buy from GlockStore; that's where I get the "SKU". For example:

I agree that it would be nice if the front/rear sights were their own STLs.

Merci Chiekku , pour ces infos, effectivement le fichier b1 existe sans les viseurs pourriez-vous me contacter car je suis intéressé l'impression serait plus facile également les 2 viseurs ( 16 et 16 a ).
comment avez -vous positionné sur le plateau pour obtenir le meilleur résultat le fichier ( a1 )
j'ai hâte d'obtenir de vos nouvelle pour enfin démarrer mes impressions.
au sujet des ressorts ( SKU 2142)7 )- 10- 13-18 -20 -25 et 6249 pouvez vous me donner plus de précision, ( approvisionnement etc )
merci beaucoup pour ces infos car elle manque pour la fabrication.
la nouvelle vidéo de SVC au sujet de (i 3D print toys Thompson ) super bravo j'aimerai les mêmes infos pour le Glock 17.

Hi everyone, here is the list of springs you will need to buy:

4.) Recoil assembly spring (SKU: 2142)
7.) Firing pin spring (SKU: 6129)
10.) Firing pin safety spring (SKU: 1135)
13.) Extractor depressor plunger spring (SKU: 6122)
18.) Magazine catch spring (SKU: 6166)
20.) Slide lock spring (SKU: 6312)
25.) Trigger spring (SKU: 6249)


Any way you can make a G18 slide that would fit on this?

Anne Onymous Anne Onymous

i have gun

Sorry, the model is a whole and cant be separated. @dandiane

I ordered the G 17 model from you, could you provide me with the STL (b1) without the sights for printing convenience.
I don't have an answer yet

try another slicing software. I checked the file and there was nothing wrong.

Sorry, not all springs are purchased. So there is no way to give you the list. The larger spring wire diameter is about 0.6mm @memefiend

If you mean the placemat that you laid the springs on at the end of the video, it is still difficult to tell the exact diameter, length, and wire thickness of the springs. If you used springs out of that Amazon kit, it should have the metric sizes listed on the lid of the container, if you could just list those, that would be great

Cher ZVC

Avez-vous pensé à examiner ma demande modèle G17 , fichier STL ( b1 )
Avec mes remerciements

The background of the spring has dimensions. @memefiend

I have watched that video several times trying to figure out where the sizes would be listed, but there is no list, you just show all of the springs neatly laid out with no explaination or labelling. I just need a written form of what sizes they are so that I can try to go find the springs, since the box of springs you have linked are unavailable to me. Thank you for your help

That link you sent is a studio link, and I don't think anyone but the owner is able to view it

Hello ZVC,
Is there any way you can create a list of all of the spring sizes you used? I understand that you included a link to Amazon with the spring set you likely used yourself, but that set is not available to me, whether it be an issue with stock, or the fact that I live in the United States. I also think it would be a good idea if the .STL files were more suitably organized by the actual name of the part, although I do understand that your audience does not all speak one language, so that may be difficult. I will also be including this comment in French, as that appears to be the most commonly used language.

Bonjour ZVC,
Existe-t-il un moyen de créer une liste de toutes les tailles de ressorts que vous avez utilisées? Je comprends que vous avez inclus un lien vers Amazon avec l'ensemble de ressorts que vous avez probablement utilisé vous-même, mais cet ensemble ne m'est pas disponible, qu'il s'agisse d'un problème de stock ou du fait que je vis aux États-Unis. Je pense également que ce serait une bonne idée si les fichiers .STL étaient mieux organisés en fonction du nom réel de la pièce, même si je comprends que votre public ne parle pas tous une langue, ce qui peut être difficile. J'inclurai également ce commentaire en anglais, car c'est ma langue maternelle.


Je vous ai envoyé une copie écran sur votre site

Bonjour ZVC
Comment ajouter une copie d'écran ?

@dandiane ok

ZVC merci pour votre réponse je vous contacte plus tard je ne suis pas disponible pour le moment.

@dandiane I saw it yesterday. I don't know why it's gone. My reply to you is also gone. Can you give me the screenshot if you have any questions?

Bonjour ZVC

Avez vous reçu mes commentaires, car je ne les vois plus sur ce site et je n'ai pas de réponse.

@JOL That part is c2

Hallo, das Modell ist wirklich klasse und eine tolle Arbeit.
Die federn sind noch ein großes Problem.
Im Video bei Minute 5:09 ist ein Günes Teil das nicht in den Dateien enthalten ist? (zumindest finde ich es nicht).
ich habe (glaube ich zumindest) mal eine STL Datei gesehen zum biegen der federn (rund und eckig), kann die aber leider nicht mehr finden???.
Hätten sie einen link dazu.


Hi mate did you manage to have a look at the pump action shot gun I sent you to modify to make it more pleasing to look at and modify if needed? I still haven't recieved an email from you nor any feedback.............I've tried so hard to use some programs to design as good as you but I still can't grasp it and it's actually making me mad now lol as mentioned your welcome to the plans sell them what ever so long as I have the finished product free of charge........i look forward to hearing from you

I just took a look at the latest files and see the changes made for strengthening and making things work. Like the mag catch. Just want to say I appreciate the updates to try to make them work. I did notice the grip/frame has errors but 3d builder fixed this easily. I may reprint some of the trouble pieces and give this another shot.

@ DANOSERE A18 has been updated

I will change the model tomorrow and upload it again .@ DANOSERE

@zvc well, how do i fix it then...? How do you make it work?

Yes because it is too small @DANOSERE

Piece A18 is too weak it keeps snaping, any chance to make it stronger?

I am having trouble getting a11 the 9mm bullet to print as one piece?

After hours of watching G17 manuals and profesional videos I've managed to assemble all the parts, if anyone needs help contact me.

@farcryfaze Some of the little pieces are not

Next I'll update G17 to implement shell throwing. Videos will also be remade. I'll do it in more detail. @danosere

Im trying to assemble my glock, but the video provided already starts with a couple of pieces already assemble. For example de slide lock and the magazine catcher... Please we need a detailed guide on how to do it, on pdf, or video, step by step.

Why do not specify length and diameter of springs? Would be extremely helpful please

Print horizontally and then polish @danosere

How Should I print the Pins? and Small cilindrical pieces? Horizontal Or vertical?

sorry I didn't understand ur question. @godfather176

Is there any instructions? On how to slice it, assemble it, springs, etc? Thanks.

How does this work when the file does include the void for the mag release spring?

This is a description of the spring size. Only part of the purchase link is in the video description. Because not all springs are purchased. @jsviterise

do you have a parts list for your models for spring sizes and purchasing links?

@tony no

@onski777 I'm sticking a little piece of metal to increase the strength of that part.

Thanks! What kind of pins are you using in the trigger for example? Seems to be metal?

Hi! Any way we could get assembly instructions?

Hi! I've just got this but the frame seems to have some sort of normals issue that I can't fix. I've tried to print it on resin (Photon) and that bottom part of the grip got misprinted faces. When I open the stl file on Chitubox it clearly shows the issue. Is there any way you can fix it? Thanks a lot. Nice model, btw.

@ZVC0340 Thanks a lot! I printed it parts of it, and so far zero issue!

@ clmdu Layer height 1.5 Filling 40-60 Speed 40-50 Temperature 190 pla. All the files are printed to the original scale

Is there a way to get the scale of each parts (or at least the receiver/slide), in order to be sure that everything fits together? Also what are the recommended print settings? Thanks!

Recently I had a minor operation at the hospital. The G17 model will be updated as soon as possible after. It will be updated in about two weeks.

Looking forward to the update, printed it and yah. No cover for the chamber either that I saw?

I will re-modify the model and re-print the test. Re-shoot the video. Try to minimize the existence of errors.

Recently, many people have encountered problems when printing g17. Because that was a model I made in the early days. At that time, I lacked experience and there were more model problems. After I made luger p08, I will update g17. By then, those who have bought the model can still Get the model for free. (In the way you got the model before) I apologize for the trouble.

Sorry for the trouble. Since g17 is a model I made earlier, there are more problems. I will update this model in a while. You can download it for free if you have purchased it before. Please give me more time. You can go to and give me a screenshot to illustrate it, so that I can understand the problem you encountered more accurately. I will try my best to help you solve the problem. Thank you

hi, how do you print the a1 which side is it all support?

Totally agree Hulabaloo, thats what i have done!
It sucks and i do feel a bit scammed actually

Ill add these comments so people don't waste their time like I did.

There's NO WAY the assembled model uses the parts in the files without lots of modification.  No way. I printed this several times, each time fixing something to make it work, but I am at the point there's no way to fix the files.  They just don't make sense.

Slide lock does not fit. You will spend 10-14 hours printing the frame and discover it won't fit. 
Then the slide tabs will break.
No place for a spring for slide lock. Supposed to be a flat spring but the notch is not there.  Circular spring? Who knows.
There's a piece in the frame that needs to be cut away else the slide and barrel cannot be assembled.
All pieces need filing/sanding/work which is fine but some are small parts and need LOTS of sanding.
Firing pin cannot be assembled because 2 pieces need to be split and glued first to capture the spring.  
Magazine catch has no place for a spring. In the spring video this part is skipped.
Rear slide tabs on frame keep breaking. Too weak. Can be reinforced from inside where beaver tail is.
Slide lock lever is so thin it breaks just removing from print bed with supports.
And if you think you can buy actual Glock parts and use them, that's somewhat true but in other cases no. 
The slide lock spring won't fit.  Magazine catch spring has no place to insert into either frame or mag release. firing pin spring is too strong for plastic.

What's weird is that some parts are compatible with actual parts like real magazines. It's too bad it just can't be assembled as it is.
At this point I may just glue the slide to the barrel and use it as a static model. 

cannot get A9 to install... how on earth are you meant to make this with no instructions!! the video skips half the steps!!!

Hola, no se se porque pero la bala siempre sale mal, he probado varios cortadores y en mitad de la bala lo único que pone es soporte.....

Do you include a small assembly guide or similar when purchasing the model? And which springs to use.

ummm what the actual hell is this. I am just scrolling through my recommended list and I see this. why didn't it give this to me sooner.

Disculpe, ¿Puedo imprimir el proyecto con mi Impresora 3d Anet A8?

Hi all, I'm wondering what's the size of the largest part of the model. Just want to make sure my printer can handle it, it can print 150x150x150mm.
Thanks !

Wondering if there is a schematic, and a list for springs would be nice. I did watch the video, but I like a hard copy for when the internet is down. :( There is a free version on Cults (ALONSORO767) that looks very similar to yours that has a link for springs, would they work? I bought your work, and will likely buy more. Thank you for your time.

a list of the springs would be nice. I think I can guess but it will take some trial and error.

I am having trouble getting a11 the 9mm bullet to print as one piece?

hi ! how did you manage to put a9.stl ?

salut demande d'aide avec quel fils ? et quel paramètres tu a réussi avec cette qualité ?

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