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Enourmous Imperial Heavy Tank [PRESUPPORTED]

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Last update 2023-08-31 at 02:03
Publication date 2022-11-01 at 20:00
Design number 908022
3D design format
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    • Hull/Back Exhaust x2.stl
    • Hull/Back Hull Towing Hook x2.stl
    • Hull/Front Hull Towing Hook x2.stl
    • Hull/Fuel Drum Mount.stl
    • Hull/Fuel Drum x2.stl
    • Hull/License Plate fix.stl
    • Hull/License Plate.stl
    • Hull/LYS-Back Exhaust x2.lys
    • Hull/LYS-Back Hull Towing Hook x2.lys
    • Hull/LYS-Front Hull Towing Hook x2.lys
    • Hull/LYS-Fuel Drum Mount.lys
    • Hull/LYS-Fuel Drum x2.lys
    • Hull/LYS-License Plate fix.lys
    • Hull/LYS-License Plate.lys
    • Hull/LYS-Main Hull.lys
    • Hull/LYS-Track Guard Long 2x.lys
    • Hull/LYS-Track Guard Short x2.lys
    • Hull/LYS-Track_single.lys
    • Hull/LYS-TracksLeft.lys
    • Hull/LYS-TracksRight.lys
    • Hull/Rogal Dorn Hull.stl
    • Hull/STL- Front Hull Towing Hook x2.stl
    • Hull/STL-Back Exhaust x2.stl
    • Hull/STL-Back Hull Towing Hook x2.stl
    • Hull/STL-Fuel Drum Mount.stl
    • Hull/STL-Fuel Drum x2.stl
    • Hull/STL-Hull Final.stl
    • Hull/STL-License Plate fix.stl
    • Hull/STL-License Plate.stl
    • Hull/STL-Track Guard Long 2x.stl
    • Hull/STL-Track Guard Short.stl
    • Hull/STL-Track_single.stl
    • Hull/STL-TracksLeft.stl
    • Hull/STL-TracksRight.stl
    • Hull/Track Guard Long.stl
    • Hull/Track Guard Short.stl
    • Hull/Track_single.stl
    • Hull/TrackLeft.stl
    • Hull/TrackRight.stl
    • Sponsons/Heavy Bolter x2.stl
    • Sponsons/LYS-Heavy Bolter x2.lys
    • Sponsons/LYS-Multi Melta x2.lys
    • Sponsons/LYS-Sponson Cover Left.lys
    • Sponsons/LYS-Sponson Cover Right.lys
    • Sponsons/LYS-Sponson Mount Left.lys
    • Sponsons/LYS-Sponson Mount Right.lys
    • Sponsons/LYS-Sponson Smoke Launcher x2.lys
    • Sponsons/Multi Melta x2.stl
    • Sponsons/Sponson Cover Left.stl
    • Sponsons/Sponson Cover Right.stl
    • Sponsons/Sponson Mount Left.stl
    • Sponsons/Sponson Mount Right.stl
    • Sponsons/Sponson Smoke Launcher x2.stl
    • Sponsons/STL-Heavy Bolter x2.stl
    • Sponsons/STL-Multi Melta x2.stl
    • Sponsons/STL-Sponson Cover Left.stl
    • Sponsons/STL-Sponson Cover Right.stl
    • Sponsons/STL-Sponson Mount left.stl
    • Sponsons/STL-Sponson Mount right.stl
    • Sponsons/STL-Sponson Smoke Launcher x2.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Back Exhaust x2.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Back Hull Towing Hook x2.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Cupola x2.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Floodlight.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Front Hull Towing Hook x2.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Fuel Drum Mount.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Fuel Drum x2.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/License Plate.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Back Exhaust x2.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Back Hull Towing Hook x2.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Cupola x2.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Floodlight.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Front Hull Towing Hook x2.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Fuel Drum Mount.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Fuel Drum x2.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-License Plate.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Tank Hunter Hull.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Track Guard Long 2x.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Track Guard Short x2.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Track_single.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-TracksLeft.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-TracksRight.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Turret Antenna.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Turret Antenna_Round.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Turret Camera.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/LYS-Turret Floodlight_Replacement.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL- Front Hull Towing Hook x2.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Back Exhaust x2.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Back Hull Towing Hook x2.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Cupola x2.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Floodlight.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Fuel Drum Mount.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Fuel Drum x2.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-License Plate.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Tank Hunter Hull.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Track Guard Long 2x.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Track Guard Short.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Track_single.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-TracksLeft.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-TracksRight.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Turret Antenna.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Turret Antenna_Round.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Turret Camera.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/STL-Turret Floodlight_Replacement.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Tank Hunter Hull.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Track Guard Long.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Track Guard Short.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Track_single.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/TrackLeft.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/TrackRight.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Turret Antenna.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Turret Antenna_Round.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Turret Camera.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Hull/Turret Floodlight_Replacement.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Weapons/LYS-Main Gun.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Weapons/LYS-Remote Machine Gun Base.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Weapons/LYS-Remote Machine Gun.lys
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Weapons/Main Gun.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Weapons/Remote Machine Gun Base.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Weapons/Remote Machine Gun.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Weapons/STL-Main Gun.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Weapons/STL-Remote Machine Gun Base.stl
    • Tank Hunter Dorn/Weapons/STL-Remote Machine Gun.stl
    • Turret/Back Platform.stl
    • Turret/Cupola x2.stl
    • Turret/Floodlight.stl
    • Turret/LYS-Back Platform.lys
    • Turret/LYS-Cupola x2.lys
    • Turret/LYS-Floodlight.lys
    • Turret/LYS-New Turret.lys
    • Turret/LYS-Radio.lys
    • Turret/LYS-Turret Antenna.lys
    • Turret/LYS-Turret Antenna_Round.lys
    • Turret/LYS-Turret Camera.lys
    • Turret/LYS-Turret Floodlight_Replacement.lys
    • Turret/Radio.stl
    • Turret/STL-Back Platform.stl
    • Turret/STL-Cupola x2.stl
    • Turret/STL-Floodlight.stl
    • Turret/STL-New Turret.stl
    • Turret/STL-Radio.stl
    • Turret/STL-Turret Antenna.stl
    • Turret/STL-Turret Antenna_Round.stl
    • Turret/STL-Turret Camera.stl
    • Turret/STL-Turret Floodlight_Replacement.stl
    • Turret/Turret Antenna.stl
    • Turret/Turret Antenna_Round.stl
    • Turret/Turret Camera.stl
    • Turret/Turret Floodlight_Replacement.stl
    • Turret/Turret.stl
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/Castigator Gatling.stl
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/Hull Floodlights x2.stl
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/Hull Heavy Stubber x2.stl
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/Hull Melta x2.stl
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/LYS-Castigator Gatling.lys
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/LYS-Hull Floodlights x2.lys
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/LYS-Hull Heavy Stubber x2.lys
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/LYS-Hull Melta x2.lys
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/LYS-Pulveriser Cannon.lys
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/Pulveriser Cannon.stl
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/STL-Castigator Gatling.stl
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/STL-Hull Floodlights x2.stl
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/STL-Hull Heavy Stubber x2.stl
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/STL-Hull Melta x2.stl
    • Weapons/Hull Weapons/STL-Pulveriser Cannon.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Back Machine Gun/Back Machine gun mount.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Back Machine Gun/Back Machine gun.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Back Machine Gun/LYS-Back Machine gun mount.lys
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Back Machine Gun/LYS-Back Machine gun.lys
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Back Machine Gun/STL-Back Machine gun mount.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Back Machine Gun/STL-Back Machine gun.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Double Battle Cannon/Double Battle Cannnon Aquila.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Double Battle Cannon/Double Battle Cannon.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Double Battle Cannon/LYS-Double Battle Cannon Aquila.lys
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Double Battle Cannon/LYS-Double Battle Cannon.lys
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Double Battle Cannon/STL-Double Battle Cannon Aquila.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Double Battle Cannon/STL-Double Battle Cannon.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Oppressor Cannon/Coaxial Autocannon.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Oppressor Cannon/LYS-Coaxial Autocannon.lys
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Oppressor Cannon/LYS-Oppressor Cannon.lys
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Oppressor Cannon/Oppressor Cannon.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Oppressor Cannon/STL-Coaxial Autocannon.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Oppressor Cannon/STL-Oppressor Cannon.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Plasma Cannon/LYS-Plasma Cannon Aquila.lys
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Plasma Cannon/LYS-Plasma Cannon.lys
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Plasma Cannon/Plasma Cannon Aquila.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Plasma Cannon/Plasma Cannon.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Plasma Cannon/STL-Plasma Cannon Aquila.stl
    • Weapons/Turret Weapons/Plasma Cannon/STL-Plasma Cannon.stl

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3D printer file info

3D model description

Hello everyone, this time back with a very big Tank

Files Include:

The files now include a tank hunter variant of the Rogal Dorn tank, as a free update for y´all, enjoy! :)

All weapon loadouts and files required to assemble the tank are included in the as well as a Tank hunter Variant of the dorn.

All files are presupported and the big parts are hollowed out for resin saving! Lychee files included

Every weapon is able to be magnetized with 5x1mm magnets, Turret is now able to be magnetized with a 10x2mm magnet to the hull

scale has been updated as with the latest update to be more in line with the real tank, the tank will now look like the rendered pictures

Enjoy everyone, stay tuned for my next releases ( Tank Stowage, More Bits)

3D printing settings

Anycubic Photon Mono (7mm Z-Lift, 4mm/s Z-Lift speed, 2,9 exposure)


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