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Durher "Ironfist" Dyn

3D model description

Introducing Durhear Ironfist, the first of many characters, creatures and environments that are still to come. Durhear is not your average dwarf. A warrior and a blacksmith he is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. With the help of his runic breastplate which holds magical powers he uses his stone-hard arms and fists of iron to demolish his enemies.


The model has been tested in several sizes using PLA filament on my Flashforge Finder. I've printed at 0.15mm layer height, 60-70mm/sec speed, 215-220C extruder temp., 25-30% infill (I do not recommend going lower than this especially at smaller sizes). It requires some supports, as is usual with more complicated models but not much.


As a huge fan of both wargaming and RPG board games I have made sure that Durhear can be printed well at smaller sizes. While you may lose some of the smaller details I have aimed to make Durhear have solid, recognizable shapes and a strong pose. He is depicted in his smithy, where he feels he belongs most. He is also sculpted in a way that would reduce supports to a minimum - his right hand in a fist, sturdy stance on both legs and holding a hammer on an anvil with his left hand that acts as "support".

For a look into the creation of the model, go to The Hatchery's facebook page where I post updates on everything I'm working on.

Background, physical features and story:

His hands are the epitome of a blacksmith’s hands – rough, riddled with calluses. Shaking his hand felt almost as if you’re being squeezed by steel vice. His arms – no less impressive. Muscles bulging from years of bending steel to their will.

Even in combat Durhear only wears a single armor piece – his runic breastplate. Passed down through generations the runic armor of the line of Dyn is thought to hold magical powers. Some believed that the soul of Asmund still lived within the armor.

“He ran through the battlefield not unlike a boulder crashing down a mountain slope. His movements fluid like a rushing river and destructive like thunder. He carried no weapons. He needed none. No bone left unshattered, no armor strong enough to resist the impact of his fists. A giant raging ogre, swinging an enormous mace with both hands, stood in his path. Without losing a single stride the dwarf jumped, smashing directly into his torso and shattering his ribcage as he did so. The dumbfounded look on the ogre’s grimaced face said it all – how was this possible? In a short moment the dwarf stood still as he landed back on the ground. I could see him better now; his skin was surreal – resembling a strange mix of flesh and rock. His muscles roughly cut as if chiseled away from the mountain itself. Steely fists furiously clenched like hammers. Arrows broke off and clanged away from his arms. His eyes were stern, focused… unyielding. His gaze sent a clear message to all enemies that dared challenge him: “Do not stand in my way..”. Then the moment was gone and the dwarf thundered once more down the battlefield.”

  • Description of Asmund Dyn engaged in The Battle of Kings; the first to wear the Runic Armor of Dyn; Hero of Doroth; Slayer of the orc battle-chieftain Hraggor Fireskin.

  • As described by Elear Windsong, leader of the elven army in The Battle of Kings.

None personified Asmund Dyn better than Durhear. Now more commonly known as Durhear Ironfist.

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The Hatchery Facebook: - follow for updates on the models I'm making!

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