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Dreadnought Fidget Spinner

3D model description

The Dreadnought is an all enclosed Fidget Spinner. It has the option of an 11mm or 14mm bearing. These are smaller bearings than the standard spinner types. The bearing size must be 5mm thick with a 5mm inner bore. The other diameter can be either 11mm or 14mm. Just look at the .STL files for the correct pair.

The weights are standard M8 nuts. AMERICANS... you can just search that online for the imperial conversion size.

Because the bearings are smaller than the typical 608 bearings they won't spin for as long. This is meant to be an all enclosed spinner that just looks really amazing!

1-Printed Parts
2-5mmx11mmx5mm Bearing ~OR~ 5mmX14mmX5mm Bearing
3-M8 Nut (or Imperial Equivalent)
4-Glue (Super Glue works well)

1-Print your parts
2-Place nuts and bearing in one side of the spinner
3-Glue (super glue works well) one side of the spinner
4-Clamp them together and let dry. Use multiple clamps with one on the center where the bearing is and two more for each side.
5-Put some glue on the small end of one of the bearing handles.
6-Place bearing handles together into the the center of the spinner. Be careful not to get glue on the bearing.
7-Clamp the handles together to that they are straight, then let dry.

  • 3D model format: STL



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