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12 in 1 Storage cube for Nintendo Switch game cartridges and MicroSD cards

Creation's quality: 4.7/5 (31 votes)
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3D model description

Storage box for 12 Nintendo Switch cartridges or 24 MicroSD cards.

Here's an amazing little cube that will surprise you. Amazing because it fits in your hand (5.1 cm) and holds 12 cartridges. It will surprise you because when you open it, you can see all your cartridges at a glance. You don't have to pull out each cartridge until you find the right one. It will surprise you because you can insert and remove your cartridges without any effort and without any click. Your cartridges are perfectly held and will not be damaged during handling. Finally, its appearance is unique. You can display it proudly next to your console, no need to put it in a drawer.
There are two models available. A monochrome and smooth, basic one. And a bi-color with relief, much more attractive.

New version : The archive seemed to be causing problems for some after extraction. The files are correct, they have been tested, the extraction was the problem. Here is a new archive, compressed with 8-zip. If you have encountered extraction problems, go to your account, your orders, and download the new version for free. If despite this there are still problems, tell me the files concerned and the type of problem.

Assembly guide here :

You will find all the instructions in Guide-en.pdf.

If you don't have a 3D printer and are interested in this cube, go here:

For a version for 22 cartridges you can go here :

For the bundle, at an advantageous price :

For the SD card version of the cube, it's here :

IMPORTANT: The files you purchase are sold under Copyright. This means that they cannot be sold or distributed for free. Additionally, you cannot sell prints made from these files. If you did, you would jeopardize the creation of new designs. Thank you for your understanding.

3D printing settings

Layer height: 0.2 mm (it is certainly possible to make thinner)
Material: PLA (tested), PETG (tested), ABS (probably possible, not tested). DON'T TRY WITH RESIN, IT WON'T WORK.
Printing time: 9h30 - 10h00
Length: 21.5 m
Weight: 64 g

link slot.stl must be printed with support (only in contact with the plate). Do not use any support for other parts. The parts are already in the correct orientation, do not change it in your "slicer".

For the temperatures and printing speeds, you can use the parameters that you master, depending on your printer and your filament.

This object is articulated and requires a high level of precision. Adherence to the build plate is therefore essential. The slightest deformation due to warping would compromise the correct opening and closing of the box. I advise you to use glue or lacquer to improve the adherence.

3D printer file information

  • 3D design format: PDF and ZIP Folder details Close
    • Guia-es.pdf
    • Guide-en.pdf
    • Guide-fr.pdf
    • Storage cube 12 in 1
  • Last update: 2021/01/04 at 15:35
  • Publication date: 2020/07/08 at 07:27





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@Manonogta5 L'archive a été mise à jour. Pouvez-me dire si ça fonctionne pour vous ? Sinon, merci de me préciser quels fichiers sont concernés.

@Manonogta5 certaines personnes m'ont fait remarquer que quelques fichiers n'étaient pas extraits correctement de l'archive, mais qu'elles avaient réglé le problème en utilisant un autre logiciel pour dezipper. Je ne sais pas pourquoi ça arrive. Je n'ai aucun problème avec. Je vais essayer demain de recréer une archive qui fonctionne pour tout le monde, mais je ne peux pas tester tous les logiciels, donc je ne peux pas garantir que ça sera mieux. Apparemment, le gestionnaire de fichier de windows y arrive très bien.

@sgtgray thank you for your fantastic feedback

Les différents fichiers ne fonctionnes tout simplement pas merci de bien vouloir régler le problème

Outstanding design and instructions. It's obvious a lot of time was put into this.

I printed and assembled per instructions and it came out flawlessly.

Ender 3 V2 - w/o enclosure
1.75 hatchbox ABS
Cura Slicer
Layer height- 0.2mm
20% infill
Extruder temp-240
Build plate temp-100 (used elmers gluestick on carborundum glass bed)
Print speed-55mm/s
Travel speed-150mm/s
Combing mode-All
Cooling disabled
No support except on link slot (used normal structure w/ placement "touching buildplate" on link slot only)
Build plate adhesion-skirt, but used elmers glue as mentioned
no draft shield
Printed all parts simultaneously except for link slot which needed support

@tim-postma Thank you for the compliments. As for a SD cards version of the cube, just click on my logo, you will see all my designs. What you suggest already exists actually ;-).

Sorry for over commenting just getting used to my new iPhone XR & it’s slower then my iPhone 6+ so please excuse & forgive me on that

Just a suggestion how about one for standard sd cards as many 3DPrinters need them

Labby Your a bright mind if I can call you that otherwise i can delete this comment & rewrite it

Labby Your a bright mind if I can call you that otherwise i can delete this comment & rewrite it

Labby Your a bright mind

@rebelcry Hello. Did you try it ?

This is a wonderful way to store your PS Vita Games!!!

@temennigru Yes, I discovered this issue a few weeks ago only. I use Cura and there is no problem with it. So there is a new version of the button, already available for download. I fixed this problem as soon as it has been reported and now it works fine. Just go to your account, your orders and download the files again (no additional cost of course). But this new button needs a new lid (top face of the cube), so you need to print this new version of the lid too.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

The button file model seems to have a slit in it. Simplify 3d sliced it in a way that it cuts in half when printed.

@temennigru Hello. About supports, only link slot.stl needs support (the button no longer needs). No support for the other parts. I wrote other parts do not need support, maybe it sounds like optional. I will change it for "do not use supports for other parts". As for orientation, it is written in the guides but for some reason, the guide in english is empty. I will correct this. Anyway, the stl files are already oriented so you should not change it. So, the outer face of the holder is down on the bed, the inner face, where you put the cartridge, is up. And there will be no problem printing the spring arm. Yes the end of it will stick to the "floor", but once it's finished, just push as if you would put some cartridge and it will break the bond (only the bond will break no worries).
Sorry about the guide's problem, I will correct this as soon as possible.

The instructions are not clear on orientation and supports. Should the cube faces be placed face down with no supports? The cartrige mounting mechanism is just one big overhang. Is it OK to print it without supports?

@dvanw6 Thank you very much.

@LabLabStudio ah thats too bad, well ill await and see what you come up with, too bad its not as simple as scaling, cause having a cube design would be awesome, I'll still make sure to buy your other cubes when I can though!

@dvanw6 Hi there. I don't have any DS cards, so I would never be able to test my design. But I know the DS and 3DS cards are way larger than switch ones. It wouldn't fit in the cube with these dimensions. So no, I didn't plan to redo a complete cube (it is not as simple as scaling, because of tolerances). But I have in mind other interesting ways of holding cartridges, that would be easier to adapt to many different card sizes. It wouldn't be tomorrow as I'm working on completely different designs now. So, in a word, one day maybe.

Hey! I was wondering if you ever plan to make one for Nintendo DS and 3DS games? If so I'd love to buy all of your cubes for storage, I just have a lot of DS games and the current carrying case sucks

@heapalgorithm Hi. Thank you for telling me. Don't worry your not the bearer of that news. You're the third one already. So I was aware of that. Thank you again anyway.

Pour info, dans le RAR que j'ai téléchargé hier, il n'y a pas 3 versions de bouton mais une seule ;)

J'ai bien suivi le guide :) Je n'ai pas changé l'orientation.
Merci pour le nouveau bouton, ca fonction c'est top !

@bebert2 Il semblerait qu'effectivement il ait problème sur votre gcode. J'ai mis une nouvelle version du bouton, vérifiée et "slicée" correctement. Si le problème persiste, c'est que vous avez un paramètre au niveau du slicer qui pose problème.
Bien à vous.

@bebert2 bonjour. Le bouton est fragile uniquement si vous l'imprimez dans le mauvais sens. N'auriez vous pas changé son orientation ? Comme indiqué dans le guide, il ne faut pas changer l'orientation des fichiers stl. C'est une caractéristique des impressions par dépôt de matière, le sens vertical est fragile, le sens horizontal est solide et flexible. Il y a trois versions du bouton, prenez la B001S01V03 et réessayez sans changer l'orientation. Essayez de le casser, vous ne pourrez pas. Les zones étroites du bouton assurent sa flexibilité. Et ça devient effectivement une fragilité si c'est imprimé verticalement.
Bonne impression.

Je pense qu'il y a un problème au niveau du fichier du bouton... Il y a une ligne sur la face avant lors de l'impression qui créer cette zone de fragilité. Une modification est elle possible?

Bonjour, vraiment super chouette comme cube, j'adore !!
Par contre j'ai un soucis avec le bouton... Il est trop fragile et casse au niveau de la face avant... Il faudrait un bouton sans cette fragilité qui n'est pas nécessaire.

@duckers. There is no need for support except for the first link of the inner chain. That's why I don't understand your problem. Did you print the parts as is, or did you change orientation in your slicer ?

I mean print support for overhangs :P

@duckers. On my profile, you can find my email address. Send me photos of your problem, it's the best way for me to understand what's happening.

@duckers Hi. I don't really understand your problem. Are you talking about an assembly issue when trying to insert the button into the top face of the cube ?

What support settings do you recommend printing with? I can't get to the supports for the "lid" clip hole properly for the parts inside that clicks the lock mechanism together and end up just breaking them off.

It:s no problem, still learning with this printer

I am sorry really. Generally speaking, for functional designs, with moving parts, resin is too brittle. Resin designs are ok if you leave them on a shelf for decoration. They break very easily if they fall.
I will insist on the description, that this can't work with resin. Really sorry again.

It was the only printer available to me

Hello. Of course. It's made for PLA, PETG and probably ABS. It's written in the description. Did you try with resin ?

This print isn't good for resin-based printers. The resin is not flexible and as such the parts snap when you try to put them together.

@francorojas21 Hello. I'm not responsible for the site I'm sorry. You should contact them at Thank you anyway for your interest.

I tried to pay for this model but in any method always gives me an error and the payment is restored to my account.

@montanojoel Well, not already made, but there is a place where you can have it printed and shipped by a printer owner near you. I did not advertise because I want to make a tutorial before. I hope it is ready soon. But if you don't want to wait for the tutorial, email me (the envelope next to my creator logo), and I send you the address where you can get it.

Can I buy this already made? I don’t have a 3D printer :(

@kipsville4 Yes you're right sorry. As soon as I have access to my computer I will upload it again. But this file is twice in your downloaded files. Once in the zip file (where it is only 8 ko) and one "near" the zip file. The zip file comes with the guide in 3 languages. So you should have 4 files before unzip. If you missed them, go to your orders and download again (it's free if you already bought them).
I hope it helps you.

Hi the english guide wasn't uploaded right I think. When i open it all it says is "level 2 embossed" instead of directions like the other 2 languages give

@kmchiang Thanks for the compliment. I suppose one day I will do the same design, but for SD cards. It's not as easy as it seems. SD cards are wider than switch cartridges. And thinner. For now I'm working on a box for SD cards, but not exactly the same as this one.

Could SD cards fit in place of the nintendo switch cartidges? I absolutely love the design, but i don't use a switch.

@kmchiang just one ?

Could an SD card fit in this? Is it modifiable to fit one?

@maniacotaku. Thank you for your interest. A lot of people ask for the look of a GameCube. This is my first design and I wanted something new. Should I think in terms of popularity and success or in terms of originality ? That's a real question actually.

Why doesn't it look like a GameCube? The carrying handle of the original could even double as a keyring on this one. :D

Good work though.

@convlerr. I never had any DS not 3DS. But I think that unfortunately, the cartridges are not of the same size (bigger ?). I don't even have a single cartridge to model and test a specific card holder. If a lot of people would ask for a cube to store DS/3DS cartridges, I could find a way. I would have to remodel almost everything. A lot of work. I'm so sorry.
And thank you for your compliment.

Does it work for Nitendo DS and 3DS cartridges? It is an awesome and clever design!

@wilmo37. Thank you for your "make" and your complete review. You worked, I feel pride, is that normal ? Anyway, as you are the first one, I will try to create a specific last card holder as you suggest. Many thanks, again.

@wilmo37. It's so encouraging to read that. Many thanks really.

Lol I thought that may be the case! And will do for sure, just starting the first few pieces now. Looks like such a great design, thankyou!

@wilmo37. Oh I thought about it of course. I am wary of Nintendo's reaction. Anyway feel free to share your print once it's done. With a comment or a photo. I would be glad to see your realization.

Missed opportunity by not calling it a Game Cube :P

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