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1/30 Scale A330-300 RC Model (2006mm Wingspan)

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3D model description

This 1/30th scale A330-300 was designed with scale appearance in mind, and utilizes custom retracts designed to enable the odd angles needed for the main and nose gear. Spaces throughout the airframe have provisions to allow the installation of 5mm LEDs for navigation lights with minimal drilling or cutting.

Although the plane was designed for 6S 70mm EDFs, a 4S power system will be sufficient and can allow for a lighter flying plane.

Wingspan: 2006mm(79 in)
Length: 2122mm(83.5 in)
Wing Area:40.18 dm2(623 in2)

Free assembly manual can be downloaded from my profile, via the free A330 tail section.

Thread on RCGroups, also has the assembly manual PDF download:

Original Design/Build Thread:

Maiden Flight Video:

Added ZIP with Fuselage, Tail, and Nose sections with windows cut out.

Added ZIP with Wing6 full segment to have hatches to access wiring.

3D printing settings

Refer to PDF manual included in the download, or from the provided links (free downloads).

Download contains both STLs as well as GCODEs.

Note that the included Gcodes are made for ABS. If you want to use the packaged Gcodes for PLA, you can tweak the Gcode files in a text editor to lower the nozzle temp to ~230 and Bed temp to ~60 deg F.

  • 3D file format: ZIP
  • Last update: 2020/07/19 at 07:09
  • Publication date: 2019/07/14 at 19:39



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Hello guys,

Somebody can share your settings for ABS on Simplify3d ?


Thanks for the Tip! The 747 project would likely start in 2022 so a bit if time until work begins. If you have an account on RCGroups, you can follow my various build threads and watch the development as the design progresses.

Correcting (I'm using a translator): I mean: depending on the position of the sunlight it becomes very clear! I forwarded some addresses with images!

Good afternoon!
Regarding the future modeling / construction of the 747-400, so far I have not seen on the websites a 3d model that faithfully represents the profile (by the cave station) of the upper cabin, (there is a small sinking, or depression, if we can say so, from top to bottom, along the upper windows to, just above, the lower windows in the firing range, from a cockpit to the end of the "hump!" The new Revell kit from the 747-8f and the 747-8 from Zvezda (both 1/144) represented this profile faithfully. I would like to show it with an image, but I can't paste it as pictures here! Maybe if I indicated an email address, I could send it! depending on the annulus of sunlight on the booth! So, here's the tip, or I hope I helped, which I look forward to seeing the final product.

Thank you! I am considering a 1/30 scale Concorde and possibly a 1/30 scale 747-400 down the road. I'm working on a T-2A buckeye at the moment, but the next project will likely be the Concorde.

Thank you! I am considering a 1/30 scale Concorde and possibly a 1/30 scale 747-400 down the road. I'm working on a T-2A buckeye at the moment, but the next project will likely be the Concorde.

Hello, Beautiful modeling, very true to the original! I would like to know if there are other models in this construction design (faithful to the originals) available, such as the A320 and Boeing 737-; 777-; 747-

the gear door riggings has been on my to-do list for a while. I'm hoping to figure it out over the winter.

Has anyone tried to render and print cockpit and interior for it? Gear doors? Place for gear door servos and sequencers.

I believe someone scaled it twice and printed with a 0.8mm nozzle.It should work out if you have the printer to support it. I dont know if they ever finished it or not.

Can it be scaled up? Say twice as big?

That's a good option. If it works for the tail, it will work on the remainder of the air frame.

Okay thank you, maybe I will give it a try with that tail parts.

Scaling down is possible, but would require nozzle extrusion to be scaled respectively. a 50% reduction would be best printed with a 0.2mm nozzle, a 70% can be done with a 0.3mm or 0.35mm nozzle.

Hi :-)
Is it possible to print this plane a litte bit smaller, maybe 70% size oder even 50%?
RC functionality is not needed, but are some bolts/nuts/screws needed, that would not fit in a smaller size?
Thank you!

Sorry, no 738 or A320.

Hello there,
You have done a very nice modeling. I congratulate you.
Do you have a Boeing 738 1/30 scale RC model?
Or is there an A320 1/30 scale?

Thank!! Just wanted to step into this field. Just buy the design when you have the equipment and want to own one!

Port = left. Stbd=right

Hi. Sorry!!
“Port” “Stbd” What is the difference between the two versions?

Okééy Thanks ! :)

Hi. Sorry for the delay responding. The original ones are hinged so the movement of the fairing is aligned in the vertical direction for the movement. This looks the most scale, but requires additional rigging to deploy/stow. The "Easy" fairings are tweaked so they are permanently fixed to the flaps. What this means is that when the flaps deploy, the fairings have a slanted appearance and point outwards slightly due to the hinge angles of the flaps.

I have the scale version, but have been sidetracked with other projects to fully install it. I'll eventually get it completed and will host a video of it operating on my youtube channel, and will update the assembly guide.

Hello everything great to print ! Nice concept. A little question why 2 difference of flap fairing ?
What is the difference of the two files, i can't see it good enough on the drawing. Maybe whit what advice of you i can choose !
which is the best for use even scale ? What type do you have used on yours ?

Hi Jared. 1/2 scale means the weight should scale (1/2)^3 due to 3 dimensions roughly. 1/8 the thrust should work out so in to ~300g range im guessing. you might be able to fit a 50mm EDF if you are crafty.

Hello, I am building this plane at 1/2 size (1/60 scale). Per the build instructions, the 70mm EDF you selected has a thrust of 2200g. After doing a test print of the nacelles, I have room for a 35mm EDF. I am not seeing a 35mm EDF anywhere near 1000g thrust. Is there a way to determine the total thrust required for my 1/2 scale build assuming the weight of the plane is also halved? I realize I may need to size up the nacelles to accommodate a larger EDF if a 35mm cannot achieve what's needed. Thank you! Jared

The landing gear have much tighter tolerance, and The axle holes were intentionally sized to be tight. This was to make sure all holes were to be reamed/drilled for a very tight fitment to reduce the amount of slop in the landing gear. On your print setting, you can do an XY negative offset to slightly enlarge the holes. you might need to do some light sanding to smooth those parts afterwards.You shouldnt have problems with the fuselage.

Right now no files for the doors or tires, but I am working on them shortly.

I only print on the moment al retracks front and main wheel retracks, also wheel hups. And for the wheel hups i must drill them out with 7.5 mm so that they will fit. Linkage of the wheels i must clean them every site to fit eatch other ! Maybe normal the print is verry good with now rubbish at all. So i must test the fuselage parts of they will fit nice, but on the moment i'm still waiting on my order for material ! I can't say of that the fuselage will not fit. I hope that the rings will fit nice in the parts of the fuselage. But i think when i've the problem by the retracks i think that this problem also will com by the fuselage ! Maybe not ? I will test it and maybe i send you a picture than so that i can fix it.
Do you have also a file to print the wheels, and the doors,... linkage ...? But even this great concept my friend ! It's my 9 3d printed plane !
Great work, nice !

Can you give an example of which 2 parts give you trouble? Might be a stupid question, but did you remove all of the "sacrificial base" from the parts after printing?

Hy i've bought your concept and it's great and nice designed ! But still one question i've test some parts in PLA+ and the weight is fine and looks nice but the fittings are the same one the parts which they don't fit enough. Each part i need work out to get a nice lock ! Could you give me maybe some advices for my slicer simplify3d tot get a nice fit on the two parts when it's printed ? Thanks

Sorry, no PLA Gcode. You likely can manually edit the ABS gcodes using notepad. just change the temperature settings in each file.

Hi, I'm making your plane with PLA, do you have the gcode for this material?

Mike, I just added the gcodes to the free tail download.Yes the Gcodes are written for the MK2S, but it will work on the MK3. an aquaintance printed his airframe primarily using the Gcodes.

Sometime in January, I might do an update pass on the airbus for some "quality of life" updates and to possibly integrate servo mounts for landing gear bay doors. I may get the spoilers figured out as well.

Dan, where are the Gfiles. I have been trying to print the rear section, before I decide if the project is for me.... I must assume the gcode is written for Prusa Mk3S, and is included in the $45 dollar package...... Please let me know

Bronco Mike

Hey Mike. Give the included Prusa Gcode files a shot. you can manually edit it in "notepad" to change the bed and extruder temps to be more aligned for PLA instead of ABS. since you have an account on the OV-10 site, you can PM me the pictures and I can try to diagnose the issue.

Hi, DD, we have conversed on the OV-10 site. I bought the stl files for the exhaust from you. They work great... Thanks...

I am interested in the A330-300, and have downloaded the free rear section, to try out the files. I have a Prusa Mk3S and have printed many planes, and so I know the capabilities of the Mk3s, but for the life of me, I can not get any of the stl files for the rear section to print. They start out fine and at some inconsistent point into the print it starts creating little globs of PLA ganglia at consistent intervals. Please offer some suggestions. All the settings you said to use, in the manual have been followed.....

Thanks again, Bronco Mike

I would like to make a proposal if possible.
I am from a club of drones and rc planes in which we have been taken for a contest in which we must make a plane in 3d and we have seen that yours is the best there is.
That is why we want to ask you from the group if it would be possible that the stl file could be passed to us in some way for free since we do not win anything with this project, only € 2,000 will be won, which will be sent to Doctors Without Borders.
If you ask for remuneration you could be given 50% of the profits since we do not want them but we do it for charity.
We wait your answer
Sincerely Inpritex3d

ZIP added with windows cut out

my current resolution is set to 0.12mm and 30mm/sec as this seems to yield very strong layer bonding.

I'll work on the window cut-out pieces this week. I'll post a comment when I add the new zip files.

Jesse, I am a bit surprised with your print times. My longest prints are Fuselage1 and Fuselage7 which take about 19 hours.

I have the Ender 3. I successfully printed this using these settings

Hatchbox white ABS
0.2mm height
272C @35mm sec

I used Micro Swiss hotend, upgraded to "silent motherboard" and latest Marlin firmware. My bed size measures 235x235x 250. I placed a piece of glass slightly larger than the bed some parts were slightly too large for 235. I have PEI installed on the glass (highly recommend!) My bed initial is 110C and it cools to 105 the remainder of the print and I have 0 warp. If your use to 3dlabsprints.. prepare yourself for the length of time on prints .. some take over 30 hours a part..

Any recommendations for a Creality CR10S Pro printer?Another question: Will you update the files with windows cut ? Thanks

Glad you got it figured out! Keep an eye out in a few weeks, I'm finishing a 1600mm wingspan U-2R for a 50mm EDF.

NM, I figured it out. Very nice Jet! amazing detail, honestly its under priced for your work. I historically print 3dlabprints however you're level of construction, detail is way ahead of your competitor(s). I will be watching for more planes!

I am confused. i purchased this earlier using paypal on my cell phone. i used the option to sign in with Facebook. I get home to signin and download and now it wants another $45?? How do I access my files I already purchased? On my account it doesn't show them...

Please let me know when that is available.

Windows are indented and are not cut out. I will be updating the files in the coming weeks to include alternate fuselage and nose sections with the window sections open.

The files you are selling do they have the windows cut out?

Ok, let me know if any more issues, and if iges files would help

Slic3r 1.3.0 64bit.... downloaded .... Cura 4.2.0 seem to be ok with them all

Which version of Slic3r are you using? everything worked in slic3r Prusa edition. Does Cura have some auto-repair feature?

also having issues with alot of the file in Wing ... Aleron2 and 3 and winglets

seems theres an issue with Tail-1.STL keeps crashing Cura/Slic3r, Repetier says object is not manifold.

Hi my name is Michael from and we are looking for sellers of quality 3d printed projects to join our vendor list
Regards michael

So since you are doubling in volume, you need to multiply by 8, as you are scaling in all 3 directions (2x2x2). Comes out to a 30.4kg. You might need to print a piece in 100% and another in 200% to see if it really is a 8x increase.

this is the EDF im looking at is a 1676-edf-ducted-fan-jp-hobby-105mm-12s-motor-875kv
though you have a point, about weight, i could "estimate" double size = double weight .....the weight here in the specs on this, is 3800, so calculating 7600... these are rated at 6.5 kg .. so 2 x = 13ish kg in thrust .... just so i can ball park this, id have to order them and its 14 days delivery. so im guesstimating right now.

I'd say begin with printing the airframe and seeing what your weight comes out to be. most EDF setups give estimated thrust numbers, so you can get the weight of the plane with batteries, electronics, etc. and just make sure you have a thrust to weight ratio at least 0.5

okay negate that last comment i found 2 105mm EDFs / 12S, and 2 ESCs, and 2 12S 10,000 batteries ? That should be enough to push this unit at 4M wing span, I noticed in the build document you mention EDF housing STLs, I might have to get a design for the 105mm EDFs done. I can get the specs on them.

all I can source locally is a 90mm EDFs you think 2 would push this thing at 200% ?? 4 Meter wing span ??

Sounds good too, then its just about adjusting the carbon wing spar to the proper size., and cutting a hold in the nose, and adding a camera pod.

Another option is to scale at 150% of original, and utilize a 0.6mm nozzle. This should still fit on the 400x400x450 bed without any slicing. Total size would be 3 meter wingspan, and the nacelles could fit 105mm EDFs.

Yes, it would put it at about 4M+ quite a large plane, but more Ive got a bed size of 400x400x450 i can utilize, looking at the previous message I would probably have to slice it up some "Largest fuselage sections has a volume of [209.71x201.88x158.80] and [223.74x204.95x161.8]. largest wing section is [64.66x249.29x180.02] and i rotated it 45 degrees on the build plate to go diagonally. second largest wing section is [59.18x184.24x223.96] and i also had it diagonal on the bed for printing."

So are you saying doubling the size, but printing with a 0.8mm nozzle? Absolutely, if you have a printer big enough to support it.

can this maybe be upscaled 100% and printed at 0.8, with larger EDFs and a fromt camera package ?

Largest fuselage sections has a volume of [209.71x201.88x158.80] and [223.74x204.95x161.8]. largest wing section is [64.66x249.29x180.02] and i rotated it 45 degrees on the build plate to go diagonally. second largest wing section is [59.18x184.24x223.96] and i also had it diagonal on the bed for printing.

Perfect, the tarantula i3 has a print size of : 180x250x180
do you have each part by separatly, maybe i can change the position to fit in my printer. Maybe i have to decrease the % but i think it will work.

What size is the print volume on the i3 tarantula? These parts were made to fit on the Prusa Mk2S, with 210x250x200 volume. I'll measure themand get back today.

Hi, congrat for the job, i want to buy it but before i want to ask you the printign size you need for the biggest piece, i have a tarantula i3 and i want to check that before.
In the other hand, what is the printing time you get to finish all the pieces?


Total weight of the printed airframe without any electronics or hardware is about 3400g. With a 6S powerplant and 2x 3700mAH LIPOs the AUW was 6kg.This airframe will be fine with a 4S power system, so there can be weight savings with smaller batteries.

Thank you for replying,by the way, how much does the original size weights?

For a 50mm EDF, you can scale down to 75%. I would suggest using a 0.3mm nozzle as well, and test printing a horizontal stabilizer with the servo hatch.
For a 30mm EDF, you can scale down to 50%. You may need to enable "Detect Thin walls", and it is recommended to use a 0.25mm nozzle. Many parts might still be able to be printed with a 0.4mm nozzle with "Detect Thin Walls" enabled.

Hey there,how much rate should I take in order to smaller the size for a 50mm EDF and a 30mm EDF?

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