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1:18 Dino Car for 3.75 Inch Figure No Support

3D model description

1:18 SUV from classics dino movie. Compatible with 3.75 inch figure and Super Colossal T.rex toy from Jurassic World Series.

-Files have been checked in slicer software and 100%work
-Can be printed without support
-No bolt
-Size: L:270mm/ W:110mm/ H:110mm
-Scale: 1:18
-Suitable for 3.75 Inch figure
-5 doors and engine cap can be opened
-Storage for 5th wheel
-Steering front wheels

Note: You need super glue to assemble the door parts
Tips: Use transparent plastic as window glasses & Print glass roof with transparent filament.

Comment if you got any errors
Enjoy, Like, and Share :)

3D printing settings

Sample Print Setting:
Nozzle: 0.4mm
Layer: 0.1mm
Infill: 15%
Wall: 0.8mm
Filament: Esun PLA+
Temperature: 205°C
Speed: 50/s
Printer: Toymakr

  • 3D model format: STL



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thanks for the fix and for the great mode !
did you do it yourself ? did you created the glasses right now ?
did you painted your car or leaved it grey ?

Fixed, i added window glasses parts too

using meshmixer and the "analysis", "overhangs" tool i was able to fix all parts, except the 2 parts with the mirror, now i am able to make those specific part touch the bed for half of it. Probably because the model is not perfectly flat

i have posted screenshot here
github dot com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/4791

only some of the elements of the stl file are touching the bed.
Maybe it works on "repetier host", but there is a 0.5mm difference apparently between the left part and right part, and as the file contains 8 different objects, i think it could be improved

Im using repetier host and it wors fine for me

i'm using cura, can you please check again if you can do something ? i prefer to keep using cura

hello, file "o" door side top is not flat, some of the pieces does not touch the bed and it mess up the print.
Can you fix please ?

god job though !