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Ultimaker GoPro Wired Mount 90mm and 130mm

3D model description


GoPro Fixed bottom plate revised by 7mm to centre the GoPro mount better and
to allow easier installation on the 80mm version. (Ensure correct orientation before assembly)

GoPro anti jello mount - multicopter and other STUFF.

Print out one "top" plate.
Print out the 8 retaining pads
Print out either the Fixed or Adjustable bottom plate.
None GoPro owners can print out Two of the Top plates and modify (the GoPro interface is removed).
Contour cam owners print out the Contour bottom plate.
Cut 4 lengths of multi stranded steel wire (2mm dia approx) to about 80mm long. (Dremel cut)
If you are making this in Flexible PLA then use 70mm long wire.
I tin the ends with solder to stop the ends fraying.
16 No M3x12mm button head bolts with nuts and 32 No washers.
Assemble as per pictures, use washers on the bolts to protect the PLA, do not overtighten.
The Top plate mounting holes are spaced at 23.5mm and 33.5mm, these dimensions are
specific to my needs, hence the odd sizes. I use M3X8mm Lg Hex standoffs to mount it to my frame.
You can play about with the wire diameter and lengths in order to tune your mount to your specific

3D printing settings

I use Cura on my Ultimaker Original to prepare the print.
Free Download of Cura
Printed on regular PLA (flexible PLA would be an interesting test)
print %100, 0.2 height
shell 0.8
top and btm fill 0.6
infil varies depening on the part.
main plates about 35% infil.
retaining pads about 70% infil.

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