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Photo bokeh set 52mm

3D model description

Matte filters to fit 52mm lens..
Fake anamorphic, 1.33x, 1.5x & 2x. These effectively emulate the elliptical bokeh of front element anamorphic lenses, on spherical lenses (can also be used with rear mounted anamorphics to mimic the effect!).
Others Mattes include different iris shapes, square, triangle and cut-outs (Heart).
Plus, stars (like Lomo Petzval Aquarelle mattes) and a copy of the famous Fujinon SF, soft focus lens aperture (ideally with a 85mm petzval lens that produces soft images wide open).

The mattes are 51mm in diameter, simply a push/clip fit into the front of a lens, but can be held firmly in place with a clear 52mm filter. Obviously larger lens fronts will need a step down ring..

Magnify the print by 1.39 in your slicer for sizes to fit a 72mm filter.

3D printing settings

FDM: Cura: I just print them with a small brim (4 lines) @ 0.2mm..
However, the SF matte requires a higher resolution, at least 0.1mm

  • 3D model format: STL





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