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stl file Nokia Lumia 930 Cover, Modelideas
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Nokia Lumia 930 Cover

3D model description

Having spend countless hours trying to find the perfect cover for my new phone, I discovered nothing that held the WOW factor I was looking for. Everything was boring and nothing, I didn't come across a single design that which even came close to me thinking 'yes this is it!'. Despite this I still needed a cover, and ended up buying 3 over the period of a month. Each one was poorly designed, resulting in a sub-standard fit to the phone which resulted in difficulty when trying to access the buttons.

Due to all of this I gave up and decided to design my own, exactly how I wanted. This design was the result of all my hard work, a cover that fits perfectly, looks stunning and feels fantastic on the phone.

Now I have the chance to share it with you, and I am confident you will love it just as much as I do... prepare for all your friends to be very jealous!

3D printing settings

This stylish cover molds perfectly to the body of your phone. Hooking over only the 4 corners, it provides the additional protection you need but with minimal material and bulk. This clever design not only feel great to touch, it looks just as good. Purchased myself and tested on my Lumia 930, it really is a fantastically snug fit. I have purchased many other phone covers, and non are designed with such precision as this. It has also been designed so it will still charge on the wireless pad.

  • 3D model format: STL



I am someone who has always been passionate about design, especially those that are simple but clever. I love discovering new ideas, and wishing I had thought of them! As it is these which drive me on to finding new solutions to problems, and wanting to design new products. Like everyone else no doubt, I hope to one day come up with the next big thing! But until then, I will keep putting pen to paper with all the other ideas that keep popping in to my head!



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